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Teacher Chops Waist-Long Hair for Bullied Girl

'You can look any way and still be true to yourself'

(Newser) - Shannon Grimm misses her waist-length hair, but she says chopping it off was a small price to pay for brightening a child's life. The kindergarten teacher at Meador Elementary School in Houston noticed students were teasing a girl in her class about her short hair, saying it made her... More »

He Came Ready to Win. Then, a Ref's 'Cruel' Demand

NJ athletic officials investigating why Alan Maloney made young athlete shave off his dreadlocks

(Newser) - In 2016, Alan Maloney was accused of using a racial slur against a colleague. Now the high school wrestling referee is in hot water again, this time for forcing a young athlete to have his dreadlocks shaved right before a match. NBC News reports the incident took place Wednesday night,... More »

Cops: Teacher Chopped Kid's Hair While Singing Anthem

Margaret Gieszinger allegedly wouldn't take no for an answer

(Newser) - A California teacher is behind bars with bail set at $100,000 after she allegedly followed through on what students thought was a teasing offer of "free haircuts." Police were called to Visalia's University Preparatory High School on Wednesday in response to an Instagram video that appeared... More »

He Wanted a Quick Buzz. He Left Looking 'Stooge'-Like

Cops: Barber cited for giving customer bad haircut, snipping his ear with scissors

(Newser) - A young man who went for a pre-Christmas haircut got a disorderly one, while his barber got slammed for disorderly conduct, the Wisconsin State Journal reports. Per Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain, the 22-year-old patron headed over to Ruby's Salon on Friday and asked for an inch off the... More »

Boy Grows Hair for 2 Years for Best Reason

Tyler Boone endured taunts, being called a girl for friend Gabby Ruiz, who has alopecia

(Newser) - For two years, Tyler Boone has been growing his hair out, and a few days after Christmas the 10-year-old finally had his 12-inch tresses shorn—not as part of some evolving tween aesthetic, but because the kid with the "super-big heart" was donating it to a friend who suffers... More »

This Haircut Costs France $11K a Month

President Francois Hollande pays stylist thousands to maintain his sparse tresses

(Newser) - A satirical French magazine recently printed a barber's tab that indicated Francois Hollande pays around $11,000 each month to maintain the modest amount of hair on his head—except the tab was no joke, Bloomberg reports. "Everyone needs their hair done, no?" a government rep confirms. "... More »

Hairy Crisis: Remote Town Hasn't Had Barber in 2 Years

Nearest hairdresser is a 17-hour drive away

(Newser) - A remote hamlet of 800 people in northern Canada has grown accustomed to several hardships, including temperatures that plummet to nearly -60 degrees in the winter and days when basic supplies don't come in due to delayed flights. And certain amenities are downright missing in Norman Wells, which is... More »

Actress Chops Off Hair, Tells of Own Childhood Cancer

'It's not what makes you beautiful,' says Clare Bowen

(Newser) - When Nashville star Clare Bowen debuted her new pixie cut on Facebook, several reactions were along this line: "NO!!!!!!!" After she shared the reason behind the move, however, warm reactions are pouring in. Bowen explains she was diagnosed with end-stage nephroblastoma as a child and lost her hair... More »

Barber Gives Naughty Kids 'Old Man' Haircuts

Georgia's Russell Fredrick offers free 'Benjamin Button Special' to fed-up parents

(Newser) - If you're a frustrated parent in Snellville, Ga., who doesn't know how to get your child to behave, there's a barber who thinks he knows how to cut that naughtiness off—by literally cutting your child's hair off. Three days a week, A-1 Kutz owner Russell... More »

Italian Parliament's Barbers See Pay Cut—to $125K

It's proof of 'unjustified privileges,' says civil servants union

(Newser) - In Italy, the average nurse earns about $30,000 a year . A high school teacher typically brings home about the same, reports. The barbers who snip the hair of Italy's members of parliament? Well, they rake in just a bit more: $125,000 a year—and that'... More »

Nation's Priciest Haircut Is in Alaska

Men in Kodiak should be ready to shell out $27, not including tip

(Newser) - If you've seen a lot of shaggy-looking men on Alaska's Kodiak Island, this might be why. A new study finds the city of Kodiak has the priciest men's haircut in the nation, on average at $26.67 a cut. That's nearly twice the national average. The... More »

Why We're All Obsessed With Beyonce's Pixie Cut

Blame all this chatter on Chris Rock, writes Allison Samuels

(Newser) - The signature "lion's mane" is gone: Beyonce debuted a new pixie cut on Instagram last week, and people cannot stop talking about it. At the Daily Beast , Allison Samuels says Chris Rock is to blame. After he released Good Hair , his documentary about black women and their tresses,... More »

Lazy Eye? Blame Justin Bieber Hair

Hair in the eye could cause vision problems: optometrist

(Newser) - That hair-hanging-over-the-eye style so popular with Justin Bieber wannabes and emo kids alike may not be such a great idea: An expert described by Australia’s Daily Telegraph as a “leading optometrist” claims the haircut could cause amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye. "If a young emo chap... More »

FBI Nabs 7 in Amish Haircutting Attacks

They face federal hate crimes charges

(Newser) - FBI agents arrested seven men in Ohio and charged them with federal hate crimes in connection with Amish haircutting attacks , the AP reports. Breakaway Amish sect leader Sam Mullet, four family members, and others were taken into custody after agents raided their compound in Bergholz. The men are charged with... More »

The Hippest New Coifführer: 'Hitler Youth' Haircut

Some tastemakers prefer to call it by another name...

(Newser) - It's the latest retro look to come back into fashion, a haircut that seems like something out of Boardwalk Empire, or a cut J. Edgar Hoover sported, or a style embraced by ... Nazi Germany? Yes, the clean-cut look—buzzed short on the sides, the longer top slicked back with... More »

Cops: Man Interrupts Own Haircut for Assault

... his police mugshot tells the story

(Newser) - Early but strong contender for police mugshot of the year: Police say a 21-year-old man in Stamford, Conn., interrupted his own haircut, grabbed the scissors, and slashed another customer. Cops picked up David Davis in a nearby home later, his haircut still unfinished, reports the Stamford Advocate . "Wonder how... More »

Jennifer Aniston: I Hated That Damn 'Rachel' Haircut

She bemoans popular hairstyle as not her best look

(Newser) - Ah, “The Rachel:” That flippy hairstyle so popular in the mid-‘90s, thanks to Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends. How did Aniston herself feel about it? “That damn Rachel … was not my best look. How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest... More »

Why We Hate the Mullet

How did one hairstyle get to be so universally reviled?

(Newser) - Americans and Iranians experienced an unlikely coming-together the other day on one topic: the mullet. Iran’s banning of the hairstyle earned it “not its usual international condemnation but a PR boost,” writes Beth Teitell in the Boston Globe . Inspired by the rare show of unity, she went... More »

Iran Clamps Down on 'Decadent' Haircuts

Mullets, ponytails axed under new rules

(Newser) - Mullets aren't just unfashionable, they're un-Islamic, according to the Iranian government. The country's culture ministry has produced a catalog of banned and approved haircuts. Ponytails and spikes aren't allowed, but quiffs and 80s-style floppy fringes appear to be fine, the Telegraph notes. Offenders can expect a hard time from Iran's... More »

22 Horrible Movie Hairdos

Gyllenhaal's 'Prince of Persia' coif is bad but far from the worst

(Newser) - If you found Jake Gyllenhaal's shaggy Prince of Persia mane amusing, great news: There's more where that came from. In the gallery, check out some of the 22 cringe-inducing movie hairstyles rounded up by Kate Ward of Entertainment Weekly . For the complete list, click here . More »

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