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New Headphones Claim to Produce Runner's High

Too good to be true? The science is still out

(Newser) - A new company that's betting there's a big market out there for folks who'd like to, say, enjoy a runner's high without having to, well, run are about to unleash a new device that could very well induce a dopamine high. Florida-based Nervana, a wearable tech... More »

Why Earphones Are Constantly Tangled Up

'Knot theory' offers some help

(Newser) - You get off the subway, stash your earbuds in your pocket, and when you pull them out again, they're completely tangled—even after you painstakingly untangled them yesterday. Why does it happen every time? Well, there's actually a whole branch of science to help explain, and it's... More »

Yes, the $1,100 Earbuds Sound Pretty Awesome

JH Audio in-ear headphones offer near-perfect sound, for a price

(Newser) - Sure, the new JH Audio JH13PRO custom earbuds cost $1,100, Jackson Lynch writes in Wired, but you get what you pay for. “The three sets of twin drivers funnel fantastically detailed sound directly to your cochleae,” Lynch writes. “The proprietary drivers—two for the highs, two... More »

3 Stories