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Ex-GOP: Florida Voting Law Was Designed to Hurt Dems

Charlie Crist, Jim Greer accuse GOP of electoral sabotage

(Newser) - Florida Republicans intentionally crafted a new early voting law to keep Democratic voters from getting to the polls, according to GOP advisers and former GOP officials. Republican leaders said they designed the law—which added to chaos at the polls —to fight voter fraud and save money, but former... More »

Ex-Florida GOP Chair: Yep, We Disenfranchised Blacks

Current GOP officials say Jim Greer just distracting from his own crimes

(Newser) - Liberals have been accusing recent GOP-led voter ID laws of aiming to disenfranchise minorities , who tend to vote Democrat. Now former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer is saying on record that, yes, those laws are actually about stopping black people from voting, reports Salon , picking up on a story in... More »

Obama School Address Infuriates Critics

Republicans denounce speech as 'socialist' indoctrination

(Newser) - Conservative critics are blasting President Obama’s plan to give a speech on education in Virginia next week as a ploy to brainwash the nation’s children, the Washington Post reports. The address, which the White House is encouraging educators and students to watch, is part of a push to... More »

3 Stories