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Saudi King Said to Have Packed 506 Tons of Luggage

For first trip to Indonesia since 1970

(Newser) - What exactly is a transportable electric elevator? Ask Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdul Aziz: He reportedly packed two of them among the 506 tons of cargo he is said to have taken with him Wednesday on a nine-day trip to Indonesia, the first time since 1970 a Saudi... More »

People in Plane Crashes Keep Risking Their Lives for Their Luggage

And they really need to stop doing that

(Newser) - Everyone involved in the airline industry is "apoplectic" about a video showing passengers on an Emirates Airline flight that crash landed in Dubai on Wednesday grabbing their luggage before evacuating, even as the cabin fills with smoke, Bloomberg reports. Everyone successfully escaped before the plane burst into flames, but... More »

Man Tries to Smuggle Himself Inside His Own Suitcase

More impressive: He's 6 feet tall

(Newser) - Border guards in Switzerland received quite a shock Monday as they watched a full-grown man emerge from inside a normal suitcase. The AP reports the 21-year-old man from Eritrea was trying to smuggle himself into Switzerland aboard a train from Italy. Guards boarded the train to check passenger documents and... More »

Bedbugs Actually Prefer Certain Colors

Like other insects, bedbugs appear to gravitate toward red and black

(Newser) - If you want to keep the bedbugs from biting, one possible deterrent may come in the form of home decorating—because bedbugs, as researchers at the University of Florida have found, seem to have strong color preferences. Reporting in the Journal of Medical Entomology , they note that the bloodsucking pests... More »

CEO Says His Own Airline Lost His Bag

Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden can get $25 off his next flight

(Newser) - Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden seems like an honest man—possibly more honest that his airline's PR people would like. At an airline conference last week, Tilden told the audience that he arrived without his luggage, which his own airline had misplaced, reports the LA Times . "The media... More »

Judge Grills Airline Lawyers Over His Lost Luggage

In a completely unrelated case

(Newser) - Anyone whose luggage has been lost by an airline now has a patron saint in the form of Justice Peter Smith in Britain. When lawyers for British Airways showed up in his court to argue a $4.6 billion price-fixing case, Smith had smaller fish to fry: He wanted to... More »

Venice Wants to Outlaw Your Rolling Suitcase

Tourists with wheeled suitcases could face $620 fine under proposal

(Newser) - You may need to ditch your rolling suitcase if you plan on visiting Venice in the future. Under a new proposal introduced yesterday, the Italian city would fine tourists caught with a suitcase on plastic or hard rubber wheels up to $620 beginning in May, the Local reports. Apparently the... More »

Reporter: Sorry for Snooping in MH17 Baggage

'We really shouldn't be doing this, I suppose,' Colin Brazier of Sky News said

(Newser) - A set of keys and a toothbrush may seem like innocuous, everyday items, but they become sacred when they belong to the dead. So when Sky News reporter Colin Brazier was caught during a live broadcast yesterday riffling through the personal effects—toothbrush and keys among them—of one of... More »

TSA Agent Lets Rapper Keep Weed, Leaves Note

"C'Mon Son," chides baggage screener

(Newser) - TSA agents are basically known for collectively killing America's buzz, but here's an unusual exception out of the Denver International Airport: A TSA agent there discovered marijuana in rapper Freddie Gibbs' luggage, but instead of confiscating the weed, the baggage screener just left an admonishing note reading, "... More »

Leopards, Monkeys, Bear Found in Airport Bags

Anti-trafficking officials tracked Dubai-bound carrier to Thai hub

(Newser) - Thai officials today nabbed a Dubai-bound man who was hauling “a virtual zoo” of endangered creatures around the Bangkok airport. When they opened his bags, they found a yawning bunch of sedated newborns: two leopards, two panthers, two macaque monkeys, and an Asiatic black bear, the AP reports. Anti-trafficking... More »

Airline Sued for $5M Over Lost Bag

Flyer: American refused to return $25 luggage fee

(Newser) - Airlines that lose people's bags shouldn't be charging them for the service, says an angry passenger suing American Airlines. Danielle Covarrubias has launched a $5 million class action suit against the airline, complaining that after it lost her bag containing $800 in possessions managers refused to refund her $25 baggage... More »

Pissed Airline Passenger Back on YouTube

Glossier United Breaks Guitars: Song 2 is follow-up to viral hit

(Newser) - Dave Carroll, who so memorably commemorated his terrible experience with United Airlines in the YouTube sensation United Breaks Guitars is at it again, Consumerist reports. The singer/songwriter/guitar-rights activist has released a more ambitious video cleverly titled United Breaks Guitars: Song 2, with a slightly more conciliatory tone. And don’t... More »

Belongings Trickle Back to Flight 1549 Passengers

(Newser) - Over the past few weeks, items both practical and sentimental have been returned to the lucky passengers of Flight 1549, the New York Times reports. Even ruined belongings are packed carefully in tissue paper and dryer sheets. “It made a very emotional experience as positive as it could have... More »

Carry On! Fewer Checked Bags Cut Lost Luggage

Airlines lost 1.3M fewer bags last year as new fees convinced passengers to carry on

(Newser) - Through their relentless fees, airlines have managed to put the task of transporting often-lost luggage in much safer hands. Last year—as passengers carried aboard the baggage they previously checked for free—airlines lost 1.3 million fewer bags than in 2007, the Chicago Tribune reports. The 33% improvement was... More »

Flight 1549 Passengers Get $5K to Offset Lost Luggage

Investigation means possessions aren't coming back soon ... if they're even salvageable

(Newser) - Saying that passengers of Flight 1549 will not get their belongings back for months, if ever, US Airways sent each $5,000, CNN reports; the airline also provided “an obvious reimbursement” of the ticket price. As part of the investigation, all luggage must be weighed in its “current... More »

Delta Doubles Charge for Second Bag to $100

Passengers hit with major hike just 3 months after fee was launched

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines has doubled its fee to check a second bag to $100 on domestic roundtrip flights, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The airline, struggling with sky-high fuel prices, is also hiking fees for heavy baggage and items like surfboards that need special handling. Delta officials said they have no... More »

New Bags Let Laptop Users Fly Through Security

TSA is on board with a few different models

(Newser) - Eagerly awaited "checkpoint friendly" luggage is at last in the pipeline, and travelers will be able to clear airport security without removing laptops from their bags by September or October, the New York Times reports. The TSA-approved bags allow security personnel to see computers on X-ray machines through either... More »

AA Should Bag Boneheaded Luggage Fee

Or face more delays, lost baggage, and longer security lines

(Newser) - American Airlines’ plan to charge passengers $15 to check a bag is likely to cost the carrier more money than it generates, Joe Brancatelli argues in Portfolio. “Not only will it infuriate flyers—who are already annoyed with American’s lousy operating efficiency and its recent maintenance snafus—it’... More »

Security Could Get A Bit Easier

TSA will likely let laptops stay in (some) cases

(Newser) - In a few months, travelers likely will be able to take their laptops through airport security without removing them from their cases—if they buy special new cases, that is. The Transportation Security Administration will probably begin accepting new forms of carrying cases that allow unobstructed x-ray views of the... More »

How to Fit Everything in One Bag

Save money by packing wisely

(Newser) - With airlines charging more for extra bags, the trick is to fly light. A packing guru offers these tips for stuffing it all in one bag, NPR reports:
  • Make a no-frills list, and stick to it (see for ideas).
  • Don't let any space go unused (stuff things into
... More »

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