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Replace John Boehner With ... Jon Huntsman?

Next speaker should come from outside the House: Norman Ornstein

(Newser) - With John Boehner's Plan B budget bill bounced , the House speaker's chances of getting reelected on Jan. 3 are dwindling rapidly . Conservatives Republicans firmly control their party, but they lack the votes to push through legislation or compromise with Democrats, so it's time for unconventional alternatives, writes... More »

Court to Indiana: You Can't Defund Planned Parenthood

State had tried to withhold Medicare funds from abortion providers

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has ruled that Indiana can't cut off funding for Planned Parenthood just because the organization provides abortions. The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago today upheld the core portion of a lower court order that said Indiana cannot enforce a state law that... More »

Walker to Romney: Channel Reagan

Mitt needs to get serious about reform to win in November

(Newser) - Scott Walker, who's had to win a couple of elections in short order, has a little advice for the man who wants to abscond with the Oval Office come November: Win one with the Gipper . “I just hope he takes a page out of President Reagan’s playbook... More »

GOP Governors Not Touching 2012 Race

Some fret over dividing party, others think endorsements don't matter

(Newser) - The National Governors Association gathered in Washington over the weekend—and though DC is abuzz over who the GOP nominee will be, most Republican governors are resolutely sitting on their hands. The majority haven't yet endorsed a candidate, and probably won't until the nomination is near, Politico notes—... More »

Jittery GOP Eyes Daniels, Christie

But some call new candidacy a 'fairy-tale'

(Newser) - Republican insiders are increasingly worried that Mitt Romney will come up short with voters—so once again, they're looking toward Indiana and New Jersey for help. Mitch Daniels and Chris Christie are hearing renewed calls to enter the race, sources close to the governors tell Politico . For Daniels, "... More »

Divided GOP Split on State of Union

Establishment, Tea Party, libertarians all negative in different ways

(Newser) - With the Republican Party so divided, it's no surprise that its response to President Obama's State of the Union address would also be divided, notes the Washington Post . In addition to an official response by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and a Tea Party response by Herman Cain, Mitt... More »

In GOP Response, Daniels Blasts 'Pro-Poverty' Policy

Indiana governor says US must be 'pro-growth' instead

(Newser) - President Obama may be bullish about the state of the union, but he shouldn't be, said Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels in the GOP response. Obama was elected to fix the nation's financial problems, but he's only made them worse, said Daniels. "When President Obama claims that... More »

GOP Hands 2012 to Obama With Loser Lineup

Voters don't want Barack, but they really don't want these guys: Bret Stephens

(Newser) - President Obama is going to win the election in November, and the Republicans only have themselves to thank. "That's what happens when you run with losers," notes Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal . Forget Obama's wealth of policy troubles: "It doesn't matter that... More »

Mitch Daniels: Lay Off of Rick Perry

Fat lady ain't singing down in Texas, Indiana governor says

(Newser) - Mitch Daniels has some advice for those who are writing Rick Perry's political eulogy : Hold your horses. "It's way too early to know, or to issue, to pronounce last rites over one performance," Daniels said today. "There's still many of these (debates), too many... More »

Daniels: I Coulda Won Vs. Obama

But stands by decision not to run, says daughters needed privacy

(Newser) - Mitch Daniels thinks his chances of unseating President Obama would have been pretty good, had he decided to enter the 2012 race: "Yeah, I think so," he replied when asked if he could have won. "I mean no one can know.” But he emphasized that his... More »

Why the Daniels Family Vetoed Mitch's 2012 Run

Wife Cheri simply didn't want the scrutiny, insiders say

(Newser) - When Mitch Daniels asked his wife Cheri to deliver the keynote at the Indiana GOP’s spring dinner earlier this month, sources say it was partially an attempt to show her how well-received she would be when she entered the spotlight. But it didn’t work; as we learned yesterday,... More »

Daniels Is Out—Now What?

Republicans look for an alternative

(Newser) - Now that Mitch Daniels is officially out of the 2012 race, many Republicans are scanning the field to find another suitable alternative to Mitt Romney. Politico looks at the possibilities:
  • Jeb Bush and Chris Christie: Though they have both flatly said they won’t run, donors and operatives are likely
... More »

Boo to Whew!: GOP Reacts to Daniels' Dodge

Gingrich, predictably, is quite relieved; eyes turn to Paul Ryan, others

(Newser) - A reeling GOP took to the airwaves today to react to Mitch Daniels' decision not to run for president, reports Politico, and to speculate on who might take his place. Paul Ryan's reaction was typically "disappointed. I think his candidacy would have been a great addition to this... More »

Mitch Daniels: I Will Not Be a Candidate

Indiana governor says wife, daughter nixed presidential run

(Newser) - Republicans looking to Mitch Daniels to jump into the 2012 race and be their rock star have their answer: No thanks. “I will not be a candidate,” Daniels said in a statement given to the Indianapolis Star late last night that said his wife and daughters nixed a... More »

Oops: Mitch Daniels Gets 16 Stitches in Forehead

Gym door swings open on him

(Newser) - The downside of being a presumptive presidential candidate: You get whacked in the head by a door, and it makes the national wires. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels needed 16 stitches today after a door mishap, reports the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette . Seems he had just finished a workout at the... More »

GOP Elites Beg Daniels to Run

Republicans see Indiana governor as their 'savior' in 2012: Politico

(Newser) - When it comes to the 2012 presidential election, Republicans are “depressed,” says one integral GOP member. Lobbyists tell Politico that instead of asking, “Who do you like?” they ask each other, “Who do we back?” Top Republicans, in fact, believe President Obama will be reelected if... More »

2012 Not Looking Good for Women

Candidates 'provocative but unelectable': Dee Dee Myers

(Newser) - The 2008 election brought us the first victory by a woman in a presidential primary, not to mention the first female GOP candidate for national office. But 2012 isn’t shaping up so nicely for women: Those making headlines are either “provocative but unelectable” or “provocative but who... More »

Run, Mitch Daniels, Run

He shouldn't be president, but he'd be a great candidate: Ruth Marcus

(Newser) - Ruth Marcus would very much like Mitch Daniels to not only run for president but to win the GOP nomination. Not because she wants him in the White House—she doesn't—but because he would make President Obama a stronger candidate. The Indiana governor would force Obama "to... More »

Planned Parenthood Fights Back in Indiana

Will seek restraining order to halt defunding

(Newser) - Mitch Daniels signed a bill yesterday to defund Planned Parenthood in Indiana effective immediately, but the organization says it will try to prevent the move by seeking a temporary restraining order and injunction with the help of the ACLU. The bill cuts off government funding to any entity that offers... More »

Why Mitch Daniels Is Either Smart or a Fink, or Both

Indiana governor generating buzz with potential candidacy

(Newser) - Two different views today on Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels as a potential presidential candidate:
  • Dana Milbank, Washington Post : He praises Daniels as a "shrewd tactician" who is wisely "portraying himself to moderates as a non-threatening choice" and as the "grown-up in the room" who avoids fringe issues.
... More »

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