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Tom Arnold Sat on Vulgar Trump Tapes, Now Says 'It's On!'

Changes tune after defamation threat; says Trump uses racial slurs, insults own son in 'Apprentice' outtakes

(Newser) - Tom Arnold says he sat on video that makes Donald Trump's infamous Access Hollywood recording seem like small potatoes—but the comedian may now be changing his tune on refusing to release them. "Wife told me there's house line VM from Trump Camp about defamation suit so... More »

Here's the Biggest Reason Sheen Imploded

One word: enablers

(Newser) - How exactly did tiger-blood-drinking , porn-star-loving Charlie Sheen get so crazy? By surrounding himself with enablers, sources tell the New York Times . From managers, agents, and publicists to assistants and fellow partiers, Sheen’s antics are widely tolerated for one simple reason: “He’s money,” one agent says. “... More »

10 Celebs Who Got Naughty at Sporting Events

Yep, that's Marisa Miller getting pantsed

(Newser) - After Lady Gaga’s stripping, middle-finger-flipping spectacle at a recent Mets game, The Frisky decided to take a look at nine other celebrities who have behaved badly at sporting events:
  1. Tom Arnold: pantsed model Marisa Miller at a pre-Super Bowl celebrity tag football game
  2. Larry King: makes the list for
... More »

Best Soap Opera Cameos

James Franco follows in the footsteps of Rosanne, Snoop Dog

(Newser) - James Franco’s much-hyped General Hospital guest stint began Friday, but can he live up to the true classics of the celebrity cameo genre? Many other luminaries have guested on daytime TV, and “they almost always shake things up like a schizophrenic with a fake pregnancy interrupting a wedding... More »

Lindsay, Nicole Among DJ AM Mourners

Service held at Hollywood Palladium

(Newser) - Celeb pals including Lindsay Lohan (with Sam Ronson), Nicole Richie, and Robert Downey Jr. showed up last night to say goodbye to Adam Goldstein—better known as DJ AM. The private service at the Hollywood Palladium was open to "friends both from his life in recovery as well as... More »

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