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In Nod to Gun Owners, GOPer Has Prize for One 'Lucky Winner'

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams is giving away a bump stock

(Newser) - Less than three weeks after Stephen Paddock used bump stocks in his massacre of 58 people in Las Vegas, a Republican running for governor in Georgia wants to give one away for free. In a statement , Georgia State Sen. Michael Williams says he'll give "a free bump stock... More »

In 2010, GOP Set to Shake White-Guy Image

Party has wealth of female and minority candidates on deck

(Newser) - The ongoing shake-up in the Republican Party may see a much more diverse set of GOP candidates up for election in 2010, Politico reports. Viable female and ethnic minority Republicans candidates will be seeking governor's jobs or Senate seats in states across the country, including California and Texas. The candidates,... More »

2 Stories