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Sandy Hook Truther Busted for Threatening Sandy Hook Victim's Parent

Lucy Richards allegedly texted death threats

(Newser) - A "Sandy Hook truther" has been arrested, accused of threatening a parent of one of the children killed in the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting in 2012. Lucy Richards, 57, is one of the people who believes the shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 20 children and six... More »

New Conspiracy Theorists: Snowden Truthers

Is he a triple agent, a pawn, a plant ... or hiding secrets about UFOs?

(Newser) - Edward Snowden: hero or traitor ... or part of a government conspiracy? As with every major political event these days, there is a group of Americans who see something more sinister behind the NSA whistleblower, and Salon rounds up some theories:
  • One of the most prominent is author, activist, and former
... More »

Conspiracy Theories: Why Sane People Like Them

Having low self-worth doesn't help, apparently

(Newser) - Feeling powerless in the world at large? You're more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, experts say, even if those theories diminish the power you actually have. "If you know the truth and others don’t, that’s one way you can reassert feelings of having agency,"... More »

Beck Calls Out Texas Gov. Candidate for Waffling on '9/11 Truthers'

Debra Medina to Beck: There are 'good arguments' that US was behind 9/11

(Newser) - Republican Debra Medina's campaign for Texas governor went on damage control yesterday after a disastrous Glenn Beck interview in which she refused to deny that she believes the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks. "There's some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen... More »

Right Suddenly Embraces Truther King

Alex Jones is like Glenn Beck, only moreso

(Newser) - It wasn’t long ago that the right wing hated Alex Jones. A top voice in the 9/11 Truth movement, he was repeatedly ridiculed on Fox News, and Michelle Malkin said Ron Paul’s association with him should disqualify him from the GOP primary debates. But Jones is a non-partisan... More »

Sheen Seeks Meeting With Obama on 9/11 'Cover-Up'

Celeb 'truther' pens fictional transcript of meeting with Obama on conspiracy theories

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen believes the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the Bush administration and he wants to talk to President Obama about it, he tells controversial radio host Alex Jones at Prison Planet. The 9/11 Commission's report is an "absolute fairy tale—a complete work of fiction, and not even... More »

Obama Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy

(Newser) - Obama environmental adviser Van Jones is resigning amid controversy over past inflammatory statements. The so-called green jobs czar got into hot water this week when two things surfaced: He called Republicans "assholes" in a video made before he joined the administration, and he signed a petition supporting the "... More »

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