North Yorkshire

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17-Hour Erection Sends Man to Hospital

Jason Garnett suffered from priapism after having sex

(Newser) - Last Friday, Jason Garnett greeted a new day, as many men do, with an erection. But 17 hours later, doctors were stabbing the British man's penis with needles in order to end his member's persistent salute, UPI reports. The 23-year-old North Yorkshire man didn't worry when his... More »

Teenage Brit Jockeys Killed in Arson

Police have arrested suspected arsonist in his 30s

(Newser) - Two promising apprentice jockeys were killed yesterday in a suspected arson fire set at their apartment building in northern England. "Apprentice of the season" Jamie Kyne, 18, was found dead along with female jockey Jan Wilson, 19, in Kyne's apartment where several riders had gathered for a party. Two... More »

2 Stories