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A Nazi Salute Prompts Apology From DC Restaurant

Maggiano's says it didn't know dinner was for white nationalists

(Newser) - A private banquet dinner, a reality-TV star, and a tweet showing a Nazi salute have placed a DC Italian restaurant in the center of controversy. Maggiano's Little Italy hosted a dinner Friday for a group that had a conference in DC the next day, apparently without knowing the group... More »

Tila Tequila Is Apparently a Nazi Now

And ... a whole lot of other weird stuff

(Newser) - Perhaps because no one has been paying attention to her lately, Tila Tequila recently decided to convert to Nazism. The reality star has posted a number of questionable pictures on her Facebook page , including one (apparently since removed) of herself wearing an SS cap and swastika armband while standing in... More »

10 Bizarre Things Thrown at Celebs

From frozen hams to flying feces

(Newser) - Believe it or not, the pubic-hair-filled razor thrown at Hugh Jackman last weekend is not the weirdest object ever hurled at a celebrity. The Frisky looks at Jackman's recent brush with crazy and nine other bizarre attacks on the famous, including:
  • Idol rocker Adam Lambert was struck on stage
... More »

You Can Talk to Michael Lohan for $18 Per Minute

Dial-a-star.com connects normal folk with D-list celebrities

(Newser) - If you've been just dying to actually speak to one of the Lohans, today is your lucky day: For $25 per minute, you can have a chat with Lindsay's mom Dina, or for the relative bargain of $18 per minute, her dad Michael. It's all thanks to... More »

'HumbleBraggers,' You Know Who You Are

No one likes a humble show-off: 'Independent' writer

(Newser) - "Wow, I can't believe a national newspaper asked little old me to write a big story for it!" gushes Will Dean in the Independent . "Say hello to the humblebrag." For those outside the Twitter universe, "humblebragging" is the act of showing off one's... More »

12 Bizarre Celeb Odd Couples

Tila Tequila? Really, Billy Corgan?

(Newser) - Sometimes opposites attract ... and when that happens in Tinseltown, it's sure to make headlines. The Frisky rounds up a dozen celebrity odd couples:
  • Lisa Kudrow and Conan O'Brien: The Friends actress recently revealed that she dated the late night host before she hit the big time, but they
... More »

10 Stupid Publicity Stunts

Here's looking at you, Speidi

(Newser) - So Heidi Montag’s separation from Spencer Pratt was a publicity stunt…was anyone surprised? Olivia Allin lists nine other similarly lame stunts, on The Frisky :
  1. Jon Gosselin: Turns out he really was lying when he accused ex Hailey Glassman of stealing his TV. How do we know? Because the
... More »

10 Stars Who Need Celeb Rehab

Who says 'reality TV' isn't a serious addiction?

(Newser) - Bad news for bad TV addicts: Celebrity Rehab 4 is on hold until VH1 finds a big-name patient. Well, if the show agrees not to be picky about what exactly they're addicted to, Amelia McDonell-Parry of The Frisky has a few ideas:
  • Spencer Pratt: "Spencer has been a certified
... More »

Whose Awful Song Is Worse?

Two trainwrecks, four disgusting songs

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan’s new song is called “I Wanna Be Bad,” and—hooray!—mission accomplished. The instant classic includes such poetic lines as “How about that lap dance / I got cash I’m spending” and “Don’t need you to leave your number, ain’... More »

Nine Best Reality TV Hissy Fits

Kate Gosselin isn't even the worst

(Newser) - Kate Gosselin is the latest in a long line of “celebrities” throwing temper tantrums on national television. E! rounds up eight more reality show meltdowns—watch the videos in the gallery:
  • Kenley Collins, Project Runway: She flips out when judges say her final creation looks like a “pink
... More »

10 Bisexual Celebs

Anna Paquin is the newest member of this Hollywood club

(Newser) - When Anna Paquin came out yesterday, she joined a slew of bisexual Hollywood stars. The Frisky lists the top 10:
  • Lady Gaga: She’s been open about her sexuality, claiming that her affinity for women has made her boyfriends “uncomfortable.”
  • Drew Barrymore: Considers herself bisexual, but said that
... More »

Celebrities We're Done With

There's no place for these 15-minute wonders in 2010

(Newser) - There are lots of talented celebrities out there…and then there’s Heidi Montag. The plastic surgery-loving reality star tops EgoTV ’s list of celebrities whose 15 minutes expired back in 2009. “In 15 years. these five will be on We Loved the Aughts and your kids will... More »

I Won't Make Heidi's Breasts Bigger: Doc

Plus, when Tila Tequila is calling you 'fake,' well...

(Newser) - Two signs Heidi Montag has officially gone too far: Her plastic surgeon is refusing to make her breasts any bigger, and Internet celeb-wreck Tila Tequila is calling her “fake.” Montag, who recently upgraded to Triple D boobs, wants an H cup—but surgeon Frank Ryan tells Radar her... More »

Tequila on a Scary Casey Johnson Rant

Tila Tequila's tweets, blog posts just getting crazier

(Newser) - Whether or not Casey Johnson was laid to rest yesterday— E! says she wasn’t, Radar says she was—one thing is clear: Tila Tequila is upset about being excluded from the proceedings. “I can’t sleep and I am on suicide watch,” Tequila tells E! Gawker takes... More »

Socialites in Catfight Over Casey Johnson's Dogs

Tila Tequila thinks Bijou Phillips, Nicky Hilton will put them down

(Newser) - In the wake of fiancee Casey Johnson’s death, Tila Tequila has declared “war” against Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips for taking Johnson’s dogs from her. “They don't care about the dogs. They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey,” Tequila claims, although Phillips... More »

Casey Johnson's Final Days Squalor-Filled

Details emerge of heiress' money troubles, house in shambles

(Newser) - As the initial autopsy results for Casey Johnson came back inconclusive but with no evidence of suicide, a slew of news—and opinions—about the heiress’s tragic final days also emerges. The latest:
  • Johnson was living in a house filled with garbage and rats in the pool, but with
... More »

Johnson & Johnson Heiress Found Dead

Cause of Casey's death unknown

(Newser) - The 30-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson empire has been found dead in her Los Angeles home. Casey Johnson's death appears to have been from natural causes, but the results of toxicology tests will take weeks, the Los Angeles Times reports. The hard-partying socialite, daughter of New York Jets... More »

8 Celebs Who Should Quit Twitter

Spencer Pratt's New Year's resolution should be to shut up

(Newser) - Thanks to Twitter, you can now spend your day following Paris Hilton’s every move—or, more importantly, reading each and every one of Spencer Pratt’s shout-outs to himself. PopEater names eight celebs who should really step away from the Twitter:
  • Al Roker: Didn’t expect to see him
... More »

Tila Tequila Threatens Suicide via Twitter

Reality TV star's tweets disturb followers

(Newser) - Famous-for-being-famous Tila Tequila threatened suicide yesterday on Twitter, claiming a friend caught her just before ending her life, and that she will go through with it in two weeks. “No one can stop me,” she posted. In a subsequent tweet, she blamed the idea on God needing her... More »

No Charges for Merriman in Tequila Incident: DA

'Insufficient evidence' against Chargers linebacker accused by reality-TV star

(Newser) - San Diego’s district attorney said today there is “insufficient evidence” to charge NFL star Shawne Merriman in an alleged domestic dispute with reality-TV star Tila Tequila, the Union-Tribune reports. “I’m happy,” said Chargers linebacker Merriman, 25, who was arrested early Sunday at his suburban home.... More »

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