Potomac River

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Pollution Turns Male Fish Into Mutant Mommies

Potomac river full of intersexed fish

(Newser) - The Potomac river has become so polluted that most of its male fish have mutated and developed female traits—like carrying eggs in their testes. More than 80% of the river's male bass have some female characteristic, the Potomac Conservancy tells the Guardian , blaming drugs and other chemicals that... More »

Militia Groups Hold Armed Protest on Potomac

Obama signed law that allowed it

(Newser) - A number of militia groups intend to rally on the banks of the Potomac River today, and they'll be packing heat. It'll be the first armed rally ever held in a national park, which ironically is only possible because of a law signed by Barack Obama. But that doesn't hold... More »

Coast Guard Exercise Triggers 9/11 Potomac Scare

Ill-timed drill coincides with Pentagon ceremony

(Newser) - In a case of not-so-great timing, the Coast Guard conducted a training exercise on how to handle a rogue boat this morning in the Potomac River—with 9/11 commemorations taking place at the Pentagon and the president's motorcade crossing a nearby bridge, the Washington Post reports. The exercise caused a... More »

Proposal Sends Woman Over Cliff, Literally

(Newser) - A Washington-area woman is in good condition tonight after accepting a marriage proposal—then tumbling off a cliff, the Post reports. The yet-unidentified couple was hiking along a popular but treacherous trail near the Potomac River when the man popped the question; soon thereafter the woman tumbled about 10 feet,... More »

4 Stories