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Rebel Wilson 'Deeply Sorry' for Plus-Size Self-Promotion

Many irked that Aussie actress seemed to forget there'd been plus-size stars before her

(Newser) - Rebel Wilson is making the rounds to promote her upcoming rom-com Isn't It Romantic, but she had less than perfect pitch on Ellen DeGeneres' show last week. Per HuffPost , the Australian actress told DeGeneres she's glad Hollywood is starting to see less-stereotypical roles for plus-size actors, and that... More »

Husband's Post About Curvy Wife Backfires

Robbie Tripp probably wasn't expecting this

(Newser) - An Instagram post about his wife's beauty did not go the way Robbie Tripp likely thought it would. The self-described entrepreneur and "husband to a curvy goddess" posted a picture of himself and his bathing-suit clad wife Sarah to Instagram last week, where he explained that though he... More »

Plus-Size Women Can Now Work Out in Nike

Nike unveils athletic line in 'extended' sizes to much fanfare

(Newser) - When Nike posted a photo on Instagram of a plus-size model clad in a sports bra and exercise pants last July, women deluged the site with raves—and 79,500 likes. But a much-anticipated line of larger-sized exercise gear never followed. "Big girls work out too!" one woman... More »

Major Retailer Getting Rid of Plus-Size Department

Meijer will now have all sizes on the same racks

(Newser) - One retailer believes it's found a way to ease the stigma felt by certain shoppers while at the same time improving sales. The Wall Street Journal reports Meijer will be desegregating its plus-size clothing in its 230 stores by early 2017. Most stores keep their plus-size sections out of... More »

Amy Schumer 'Not Cool' Being Included in Plus-Size Mag

She's a size 6-8, thinks that gives young girls the wrong impression

(Newser) - Glamour magazine featured Amy Schumer in a special edition of its magazine under the title, "Women Who Inspire Us." And Schumer isn't pleased. The issue is that the "Chic at Any Size" edition was "aimed at women size 12 and up" and also featured plus-size... More »

Take That, Bullies: Woman's 'Fierce' Selfie Goes Viral

Her photo and story of body shaming nabs 257K likes

(Newser) - Rachel Taylor of Haughton, La., was browsing an Old Navy store Friday when she overheard a mom and teenage girl joking about the width of a plus-size tank top. "The girl ... showed it to her mom and said, 'Look! Me and So-and-so can fit in this tank top!... More »

Anger After Elle Covers Up Melissa McCarthy

She's on the cover ... in a huge coat

(Newser) - The good news: An unspoken taboo was broken when Elle put a plus-size actress on its November cover. The bad news: The magazine draped Melissa McCarthy in an enormous coat on said cover. (Alternate covers feature slimmer actresses in tight and/or skin-baring outfits; a Go Fug Yourself poll finds McCarthy... More »

AirTran 'Customers of Size' Will Have to Buy 2 Seats

Southwest will bring its policy to the company

(Newser) - Now that Southwest Airlines has bought AirTran Airways and is beginning to integrate the company, AirTran will get a “customer of size” policy for the first time. Southwest’s policy requires that larger passengers, who cannot fit in one seat with the armrest down, purchase a second seat. AirTran... More »

Crystal Renn: Why I Lost the Weight

To stay plus-size would have meant another eating disorder, model says

(Newser) - Pressure to be thin caused model Crystal Renn to develop an eating disorder early in her career—but after she became a plus-size model, she felt similar pressure not to get thin. Critics were flabbergasted when Renn, 24, shed some of her famous curves last year, but Renn says she’... More »

'Fatties' Article: Not a Good Idea, Marie Claire

Internet uproar ensues over 'sizeist' blog post

(Newser) - Marie Claire should have seen this backlash coming: The Internet is not happy with Maura Kelly, the Marie Claire writer who authored “Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even on TV?),” a post about new sitcom Mike & Molly. Among the ill-advised comments Kelly made about the show, which... More »

Where Are the Fashionable Plus-Size Clothes?

Plus-size models are in, but fashions are struggling

(Newser) - Ever since Glamour published Lizzie Miller’s stomach paunch , plus-size models have found themselves in the pages of more and more magazines . Even so, the plus-size clothing market is struggling to catch up: It still represents just 18% of total women’s clothing revenue (even though 64% of American women... More »

What Happened to Crystal Renn's Curves?

Agent reassures us she's not being unhealthy

(Newser) - Plus-size model Crystal Renn never looks “fat”—but tongues started wagging about her size after she walked in a recent Karl Lagerfeld Chanel show, looking, dare we say, skinny. But “she is not trying to lose weight at all,” her agent says. “She fluctuates between... More »

Where Are the Plus-Size Bras?

Sizes above 38DD are hard to make, but we could soon see 52N

(Newser) - With American women’s breasts getting bigger and bigger , one has to wonder where the plus-size bra section at your local Target is. You’ll be hard pressed to find bras larger than 38DD (though the national average is 36DD) at most retailers, which is “totally crazy,” one... More »

The Making of a Plus-Sized Model

Kate Dillon talks about eating too little, and too much

(Newser) - Before she became the face of plus-sized modeling, Kate Dillon had a “nontrivial eating disorder.” A size 4, she was highly sought for “normal” modeling gigs thanks to her beautiful face, but “I felt so fat all the time,” she says in a profile in... More »

Bra Size Is On the Rise

And as a result, plus-size bra business is booming

(Newser) - Over the past 10 years, America’s median bra size has gone from 36C to 36DD—and the full-figured bra business is booming. Sales increased by 7.4% between 2008 and 2009, and those in the plus-size bra market have one person in particular to thank for the increased awareness:... More »

Christina Hendricks Tired of Talking Curves

'Mad Men' actress should be famous for talent, not curves

(Newser) - Christina Hendricks would rather talk about her work on Mad Men than her curvy shape, thank you very much, but the latter is what everyone has focused on since a stylist called her a “big girl” at the Golden Globes. “It kind of hurt my feelings at first,... More »

Tyra Banks Launches Plus-Size Model Contest

Fiercely Real Teen Model Search will end with contract, spread

(Newser) - Tyra Banks is jumping on the plus-size model bandwagon with a new modeling competition—the Fiercely Real Teen Model Search. “I've always felt it was my mission to expand the narrow perceptions of beauty,” she tells Us . Teens with dress sizes between 12 and 20 who stand 5'9"... More »

The Rise of the Plus-Size Model

Crystal Renn is the most successful, but others hope for more work

(Newser) - At 5 feet 9 and about 165 pounds, Crystal Renn doesn’t look plus-size in person—but she is the industry’s most successful plus-size model, and potentially the face of a new movement in fashion. “You’re not big,” said a surprised creative director when he met... More »

V Mag's Plus-Size Models: Bold or Too Much?

Critics split on V magazine preview

(Newser) - Images from V’s upcoming plus-size-only issue are rolling in, and responses are varied. The most recent preview showcases a spread of plus-size models ranging from practically-naked to naked-naked, and Amy Odell finds the message confusing. “Is it really that women of average-to-larger sizes are beautiful?” she... More »

V Mag's Plus-Size Issue Just a Stunt

The better idea would be to incorporate the models into every issue

(Newser) - V magazine is the latest to jump on the plus-size models bandwagon, and it’s making news—but should it be? The New York Post —in the delicately-titled article “Heavy Changes”—broke news of the January issue, featuring models like Crystal Renn. But Amy Odell think this... More »

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