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Marilyn's 'Birthday' Dress Sells for 400 Times Its Original Cost

Ripley's scoops it up for $4.8M

(Newser) - It might be the most famous birthday serenade in history, and a new auction only underscores the point. The silk dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang "Happy Birthday" to President Kennedy at Madison Square Garden in 1962 has just sold for $4.8 million, reports CNN . More »

After 10 Brides, 11th to Wear 120-Year-Old Dress

A bridal designer spent 200 hours restoring the brown, tattered dress

(Newser) - When Abigail Kingston became engaged to Jason Curtis, she did not have to wonder about what she'd wear on her wedding day. The dress she had in mind has been passed down through five generations in her family, starting with her great-great grandmother Mary Lowry Warren, who wore it... More »

Scientists' Latest Craze: 'the Dress'

Blue and black? White and gold? Assumptions about lighting are key

(Newser) - Not one, but three new studies emerged this week in a scientific journal seeking to explain the still-puzzling Internet phenomenon that is the Dress . "There will be dozens and dozens of papers about it over the years. This is just the beginning," Wellesley professor Bevil Conway tells the... More »

TMZ: Stolen Oscars Dress Is Back, Had Fake Pearls

Thief reportedly had them appraised

(Newser) - The tale of a stolen Oscars dress is developing into a Hollywood-esque plot. TMZ reports that the dress worn by actress Lupita Nyong'o has been returned—and that its pearls were fake anyway. The website says the purported thief called to say he took the Calvin Klein dress from... More »

This Dress Is Breaking the Internet

People are deeply confused about what color it is

(Newser) - Is it white and gold—or blue and black? A picture of a dress uploaded to Tumblr has created what Gawker calls "an Internet schism that may never be healed," with the opposing sides unable to fathom each other's view of the dress. At BuzzFeed , the white... More »

Crash Survivor: Tight Dress Saved Me

UK woman says doctors told her it helped prevent serious injury

(Newser) - A bizarre story making the rounds in the British press involves a 21-year-old woman who says her tight red dress proved to be a life-saver during a vicious car accident. As the Telegraph reports, Zoe Turner was in a taxi with friends when a cement truck slammed into it. Everybody... More »

Thanks, Michelle, for 'Grown-Up' Dresses

Hopefully, 'streamlined' silhouette spells doom for 'childish' frocks

(Newser) - In a clothing market deluged by “a sea of baby dolls, goddesses, empire waists, and wide A-lines,” Jackie Cooperman is adrift. “Why must it be so difficult to locate dresses cut for women neither childish nor with child?” she writes on DoubleX. Though the advent and popularity... More »

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