Mary Magdalene

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'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' Mystery Has New Twist

The answer may lie in the ink

(Newser) - Since Harvard University professor Karen King first reported in 2012 her discovery of what appears to be an ancient papyrus in which Jesus is suggested to have a wife, the authenticity of the so-called "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" has been the subject of much claim and counterclaim . Even the... More »

Book Claims Jesus Had 2 Kids

With wife Mary Magdalene, no less

(Newser) - It's quite the press-generating claim, and one that an Oxford University professor says "sounds like the deepest bilge": that Jesus had two kids with wife Mary Magdalene. Such is the assertion of The Lost Gospel, a new book that was six years in the making, per ABC News... More »

Jesus 'Wife' Papyrus Is a Fake: Expert

Francis Watson: Modern forger 'patched' it together

(Newser) - A New Testament scholar has weighed in on the ancient document that mentions Jesus having a wife, the Guardian reports. His verdict: Not worth the papyrus it's written on. "I would be very surprised if it were not a modern forgery," writes Francis Watson of Durham University... More »

Jesus Tomb Claim Stirs Cries of Heresy

Archaeologist calls it "pimping off the Bible"

(Newser) - A book and documentary produced by Titanic's James Cameron claims to identify the burial place of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and a son, Judah. The documentary, which Newsweek calls "a slick and suspenseful narrative," asserts that 10 bone boxes found in 1980 in a first-century burial cave in... More »

4 Stories