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The Pros, Cons of Losing Fox

Sure, you might miss Glee, but will you really miss Family Guy?

(Newser) - Brian Moylan isn’t sure how to feel about the possibility of Fox channels going dark after tonight's midnight deadline with Time Warner: No more mocking of American Idol is a bummer, but life with no more nip/tuck? That’s a bonus for him. He lists the other pros and... More »

Victoria Dishes on Becks, Boobs, and Life in LA

Posh Spice spills to Elle about her TV habits, perpetual pout

(Newser) - Victoria Beckham, who graces the October cover of Elle, is speaking out about her life, her marriage to soccer megastar David, and how she's perceived. Among her pearls of wisdom:
  • "People think I’m a moody bitch. I do have my insecurities. Maybe that is why I look a
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2 Stories