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Reaction to Smelly Shirts Reveals Our Own Prejudices

Sweaty garments are less revolting when we're told those in our own group wore them

(Newser) - There's no stink like our own stink: We are more forgiving of the disgusting smells of those we have been told are members of our own group than of outsiders. So say researchers at St. Andrews University after pushing stinky gym shirts into the noses of people who were... More »

Chemical in Women's Tears a Turnoff for Men

Tears of sadness cool sex appeal

(Newser) - Women's tears of sadness contain a chemical signal that's a big turn-off to men, researchers were surprised to discover. Emotional tears are chemically different from tears caused by dust in the eye or chopping onions, and when male volunteers got a sniff of tears (which have no noticeable odor) collected... More »

To Attract Women, Eat Celery

The magical vegetable may boost men's pheromone levels

(Newser) - Though the makers of Axe body spray would like you to believe otherwise, the secret to attracting women may be as easy as opening your fridge. The authors of a new health book claim that eating celery boosts the pheromone levels in a man's sweat, making him more appealing to... More »

'Pup Perfumes' Soothe Fido

Pheromones don't work for everybody, but calm some

(Newser) - Businesses are churning out pet "pheromone perfumes" to give Fido—and Puff—the kinds of smells they require to keep calm and happy. The pheromones can be sprayed, hooked up to a dog collar, and plugged into wall sockets for room coverage to diffuse chemical compounds aimed at soothing... More »

Want to Be a Chick Magnet? Stop Showering

Smelling chemical in sweat makes women consider men cuter

(Newser) - Men, if you want to win over your date, maybe you should skip the shower. A chemical found in both sexes' sweat attracts women, a study suggests. A researcher in Scotland dabbed a bit of the testosterone-derived chemical on female subjects’ upper lips before a speed-dating session, the Independent reports.... More »

5 Stories