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Boston Sports Writer Comes Out of the Closet

Reaction seems mostly positive

(Newser) - Sports columnist Steve Buckley came out of the closet today, in a heartfelt piece in the Boston Herald that’s garnering widespread praise. Buckley says his mother told him to write the piece seven years ago, but when she died mere months later, he lost his nerve. “I’ve... More »

ESPN Rules List of Execrable Sports Shows

In top 10, Worldwide Leader takes nine spots

(Newser) - Most sports fans have caught a whiff of ESPN’s non-live-sports programming at some point in the past decade—and the Worldwide Leader takes nine of 10 spots on Sports Media Watch ’s list of the decade’s worst sports shows. (CNBC grabbed No. 8 with John McEnroe’s... More »

'Worst Sports Column Ever' Author Sorry, Sort Of

Calif. scribe used Jaycee as news peg

(Newser) - An Orange County Register sports columnist is the talk of the blogosphere and the Twitterverse—and not in the good way. Mark Whicker used his Tuesday column to reminisce about the sports events of the past 18 years under the guise of catching Jaycee Dugard up on "what you've... More »

3 Stories