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You'll Soon Be Able to Buy Heroin Overdose Antidote

Gets FDA's OK

(Newser) - Friends and family will be now able to take the first step to save a loved one from an overdose of heroin or powerful painkillers called opioids, including OxyContin and Vicodin. The Food and Drug Administration has approved an easy-to-use device that automatically injects the right dose of an overdose... More »

How to Save Heroin Addicts

Experts weigh in on changes that should be made to treatment

(Newser) - Could Philip Seymour Hoffman have been saved? That's what two columns are arguing today:
  • On CNN , drug experts Ethan Nadelmann and Tony Newman outline a 7-step plan to stop overdoses—105 people in the US die each day from heroin or pharmaceutical opioid ODs. The first step: Make treatment
... More »

Jersey Shore's New Problem: Heroin Overdoses

Fatal overdoses more than doubled last year in Ocean County, NJ

(Newser) - It's been a rough week for New Jersey , and an NBC News investigation only adds to the state's woes: It found that fatal heroin and prescription drug overdoses at the Jersey Shore more than doubled last year, with 112 deaths in Ocean County compared to 2012's 53... More »

Sheen's Ex: 6 ODs in 2 Years

Brooke Mueller is in rehab for 20th time, sources say

(Newser) - We've known for a while now that Brooke Mueller is in a dark place, but Radar today reveals just how dark: Sources say that over the past two years, she's overdosed six times and has been hospitalized on every such occasion. And her current stint in rehab (at... More »

Fatal Drug ODs Rise 11th Straight Year

Prescription medications at core of problem

(Newser) - Fatal drug overdoses rose for the 11th straight year, federal data show, and most of them were accidents involving addictive painkillers despite growing attention to their risks. "The big picture is that this is a big problem that has gotten much worse quickly," said Dr. Thomas Frieden, head... More »

Bon Jovi Opens Up About Daughter's Heroin OD

Calls it a 'tragedy' but says 'we're good'

(Newser) - His daughter's drug possession charges have been dropped , but the gossip hasn't been so quick to fade away. So Bon Jovi himself addressed 19-year-old Stephanie Bongiovi's Nov. 14 heroin overdose in an interview with My Fox LA yesterday, calling it a "tragedy" but seeming relatively unruffled.... More »

Bon Jovi Daughter Arrested After Alleged Heroin OD

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi is OK, but facing charges

(Newser) - Police arrested Jon Bon Jovi's 19-year-old daughter this morning after being called to her dorm room over a report that she had allegedly overdosed on heroin. Cops found Stephanie Rose Bongiovi alive at upstate New York's Hamilton College, but a drug task force also found heroin, marijuana, and... More »

Sage Stallone Died of Heart Disease, Not Drug OD

Small amount of Hydrocodone did not contribute to death

(Newser) - Sylvester Stallone's son Sage died of heart disease, not a drug overdose, an autopsy has determined. There were no significant amounts of drugs found in the 36-year-old actor's system, reports the Los Angeles Times . The official cause of death was atherosclerotic coronary artery disease—hardening of the arteries—... More »

Thomas Kinkade Died of Booze, Valium OD: Coroner

Santa Clara coroner calls death 'accidental'

(Newser) - Painter Thomas Kinkade died of an accidental overdose of alcohol and Valium , according to a California coroner's report. "Mr. Kinkade died of respiratory depression as a result of a high concentration of ethanol combined with benzodiazepine use," the Santa Clara County Coroner's Office determined in a... More »

Heather Locklear Hospitalized After OD

She's distraught over non-marriage to Jack Wagner, says source

(Newser) - Actress Heather Locklear was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital yesterday after downing a dangerous mix of prescription pills and booze, according to officials. The 50-year-old Melrose Place actress was conscious when paramedics arrived and is responding well to treatment, sources told TMZ . Locklear was treated in 2008 for depression,... More »

Occupy Vancouver Woman Dies

She's found in tent unresponsive after suspected OD

(Newser) - An Occupy Vancouver tent city resident has died of a suspected drug overdose, and the city's mayor is calling for the encampment to be shut down. A woman in her 20s was found unresponsive in a tent and rushed to a local hospital over the weekend, but died shortly... More »

Ex-Busch CEO's Girlfriend OD'd on Oxycodone

Adrienne Martin was found at August Busch IV's home in December

(Newser) - The dead woman found at the home of ex-Anheuser-Busch CEO August Busch IV accidentally overdosed on the painkiller oxycodone, the medical examiner said yesterday. Friends previously said Adrienne Martin, 27, was firmly against illegal drugs, but Busch had speculated medication she was taking could be to blame for her death.... More »

Four Loko, Drugs Found Alongside 2 Dead Teens

Police suspect overdose killed boy, girl

(Newser) - Four Loko might be banned, but it's still showing up in sketchy situations: Police in California's Huntington Beach found the bodies of two teenagers—a boy and a girl, aged 15 and 16—surrounded by drug refuse, beer bottles, and one can of the infamous alcoholic energy drink, the... More »

Caffeine OD Kills Man

Partygoer took powder equivalent of 70 energy drinks

(Newser) - The family of a 23-year-old British man killed by a colossal dose of caffeine say the sale of caffeine powder over the Internet should be banned. He died after swallowing two spoonfuls of the powder, equivalent to the caffeine in 70 cans of Red Bull, at a party, the Nottingham ... More »

Mass Overdose Stuns Central Wash. U

Dozen students hospitalized after drinks spiked

(Newser) - Police believe a mass spiking of drinks was responsible for turning a house party in rural Washington state into a nightmare. A dozen Central Washington University students, mostly young women, were rushed to hospital after they overdosed; some say that the date-rape drug Rohypnol had been mixed into their beverages,... More »

Comedian Greg Giraldo Dead at Age 44

Prescription drug OD suspected

(Newser) - Comic Greg Giraldo died today of an apparent prescription drug overdose. Best known for his work on several Comedy Central roasts and NBC's Last Comic Standing, the 44-year-old died in a New Jersey hospital days after being hospitalized. "The tragic news of Greg's passing hits us very, very hard.... More »

Dead Man in Driver's Seat Gets Parking Ticket

And no one realizes he's dead for another hour

(Newser) - Nicholas Rappold was parked illegally on a New York street, so a traffic agent issued him a parking ticket . Only one problem: Rappold was dead in his car at the time. The officer apparently couldn't see Rappold through the "heavily tinted windows," a police source tells the New ... More »

Tot Walks to Fire Station to Save Pop

Father would have died without her help

(Newser) - When Alesaundra Tafoya's parents taught her to go to a nearby fire station in case of emergency, they never imagined the tot would act on the safety lesson so soon. Alesaundra, 3, walked two blocks to a fire station after her father collapsed in their Northern California home last week,... More »

10 Celebs Who OD'd and Lived

Fantasia isn't the only lucky one

(Newser) - DJ AM, Janis Joplin, Heath Ledger, Judy Garland: The list of stars lost to drug overdoses is a long one . Happily, there's also a roster of celebrities who OD'd and lived. As a follow-up to Fantasia's aspirin/sleeping pill incident , The Frisky runs down 10 celebs who did just that.
  • Eminem:
... More »

Heath Hated Taking Sleeping Pills: Pal

Rapper dishes as he prepares to debut single

(Newser) - The sad irony of Heath Ledger’s overdose is that he hated taking the sleeping pills that killed him. “He was an extremely active person who didn't sleep much,” rapper and childhood friend N’FA tells the Sun . “Lots of people take sleeping things. I just remember... More »

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