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Premature Babies More Prone to Mental Illness

Meanwhile, another study says fear makes labor last longer

(Newser) - A pair of new studies today took a look at pregnancy, birth, and the brain, with one focused on the baby and the other on the mother. The breakdown:
  • The first found that babies born very prematurely—at less than 32 weeks of gestation—were twice as likely to be
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12 TV Shows You Should Be Watching

Forget new shows: You're missing out on these old shows

(Newser) - This fall, instead of trying to figure out what NBC's sure-to-be-mystifying The Event is actually about, why not pick up a great show that's already on the air? Kevin Fallon gives his 12 picks in The Atlantic :
  • Cougar Town: Don't count Fallon among the many Cougar Town haters . He calls
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Parenthood Has Room to Grow

Series has potential, but there's a lot going on

(Newser) - Can the new Parenthood, a remake of the Ron Howard flick of the same name, help repair NBC’s 10pm timeslot? Maybe, critics say, but it’s got some problems. Here’s what they’re saying about the show, which premieres tomorrow:
  • It’s a “credible dramedy with the
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Cancer Treatment Derails Tierney's Return to TV

Breast cancer will take more treatment than initially thought

(Newser) - Treatment for breast cancer has forced a "deeply disappointed" Maura Tierney to withdraw from a leading role in the NBC series Parenthood, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The show was originally scheduled to start airing this month, but production was pushed back to allow Tierney, 44, to undergo treatment.... More »

4 Stories