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Bracing for WikiLeaks, BofA Buys Nasty Domain Names

They're terrified someone will start blogs saying executives suck, blow

(Newser) - Despite reports to the contrary, Bank of America hasn’t actually been confirmed as WikiLeaks’ next target, but it appears to think it is. The company has reportedly created a “war room” to brainstorm ways to minimize the damage, according to Fast Company . One of those methods? Buying up... More »

Beck Loses Fight Against Satire Site

Owner gives up domain name suggesting rape, murder anyway

(Newser) - Glenn Beck came out on the losing end today in his attempt to shut down a satirical website the Fox News host alleged was defamatory and infringed on his trademark. And though an arbitrator ruled that “even a ‘moron in a hurry’ would not likely conclude that Complainant... More »

Glenn Beck's Lawyers Fight 'Defamatory' Domain Name

Joke site says Fox host raped, murdered a girl

(Newser) - Can a domain name be defamatory? When that domain name is, maybe it can be, Ars Technica reports. Beck’s lawyers were on the case within 2 days. They’ve both pressured its host to give up the name of the site’s anonymous proprietor, and filed a... More »

3 Stories