James Pouillon

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Man Shot Anti-Abortion Protester Over 'Grudge'

Gunman also killed a gravel company owner, had a third target

(Newser) - James Harlan Drake, the 33-year-old trucker who shot noted anti-abortion activist James Pouillon in front of a high school yesterday, also shot a local gravel company owner, and intended to kill a third man before police arrested him. He had “a list in his head,” a police chief... More »

Mich. Anti-Abortion Activist Killed in Drive-By

Perp also admits to shooting local business owner; motive unclear

(Newser) - A prominent anti-abortion protester was gunned down this morning outside a Michigan high school, the Detroit Free Press reports. Owosso High School students were among the witnesses to the drive-by shooting, which police say was committed by a 33-year-old man who was arrested at his home and promptly confessed to... More »

2 Stories