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'Man Who Divided Germany' Forced Out of Bank

Author steps down under "massive pressure"

(Newser) - The author of a new book that is critical of Muslim immigrants and speculated about a "specific gene" that "all Jews share" has resigned from the board of Germany's central bank, Bundesbank, under "massive pressure." Thilo Sarrazin, the " man who divided Germany ," resigned just... More »

Meghan McCain: I Hate the Hate

It's turning her off to politics

(Newser) - American political hate-mongering has reached such a fervor that for the "first time" in her life Meghan McCain is finding herself "disillusioned with the political process—something I swore would never happen to me," she writes in the Daily Beast . She's angry, too, about political decisions, but... More »

9-Year-Old to Obama: 'Why Do People Hate You?'

Replies prez: 'Some of it is just what's called politics.'

(Newser) - President Obama took some heat today in New Orleans for continued slow progress in rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina, but perhaps the most pointed question he got all day came from a 9-year-old. “Why do people hate you?” Tyren Scott asked Obama, microphone in hand, during a public meeting. “... More »

Advice to Budding Journos: Hate Is the Hottest Beat

(Newser) - Who says journalism is dead? Sure, newspapers are slashing newsroom staff and shutting down bureaus, Simon Dumenco writes in Advertising Age, but there’s still one booming sector: hate. “Everything is a hate beat these days, because everybody is consumed with hating on everybody else.” And you can... More »

4 Stories