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Police to Do 527 DNA Tests to Find Student's Rapist

All male students, staff at French high school asked to give samples

(Newser) - Male students and staff at a high school in western France—527 people in total—were asked to give DNA samples beginning today as police search for the assailant who raped a teenage girl. The La Rochelle prosecutor's office said tests were expected to last from today through Wednesday... More »

Supreme Court Upholds DNA Swabs of Those Under Arrest

Not a violation of 4th Amendment

(Newser) - DNA swabbing the cheek of a person arrested—but not yet convicted—for a "serious offense" is just as acceptable as fingerprinting and photographing that person, the Supreme Court ruled today. Such DNA swabs do not violate a person's Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches, the justices found.... More »

Cops Narrowly Missed 'Grim Sleeper' Twice

Missed chance on DNA, staked out wrong house,

(Newser) - The alleged serial killer known as the Grim Sleeper could have been stopped two years earlier if the police had collected his DNA. Lonnie David Franklin should have been added to a DNA database under a 2004 law called Proposition 69, finds the LA Times . He wasn't—apparently because it... More »

Berkeley to Freshmen: Want a DNA Test?

They'll see how their genes deal with alcohol

(Newser) - UC Berkeley's incoming freshmen have an unusual option this summer: Students can swab their cheeks and send it in for a DNA test that will check for genes that help metabolize alcohol, lactose, and folates. The school is hoping that genetic information will help students live a healthier lifestyle on... More »

John Edwards Wanted Paternity Test Faked: Aide

Andrew Young says boss wanted used diaper; Edwardses have separated

(Newser) - Former John Edwards aide and fake babydaddy Andrew Young is dishing on the specifics of the foiled ruse, including a seamy attempt to fake a paternity test. Young’s ABC News interview, set to air next week, is widely seen as the impetus for Edwards’ acknowledgment today that he is... More »

Cops Detain 'Person of Interest' in Yale Murder

(Newser) - Connecticut authorities took a “person of interest” into custody tonight in connection with the investigation into the death of a Yale graduate student, WCBS-TV reports. Raymond Clark, a lab technician who worked with Annie Le, also 24, has been in authorities’ sights the past few days; they have a... More »

6 Stories