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Scientists Link Devices' Blue Light to Serious Eye Trouble

When blue light hits our retinas, toxic molecules flow, killing eye cells we can't get back

(Newser) - Staring at your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen for hours on end may not only be fueling your online addiction—it could be wreaking havoc on your eyesight. So says a new study out of the University of Toledo, published in the Scientific Reports journal, and it's all because... More »

Simple Eye Scan Tracks Progress of MS

New tool could aid creation of new therapies

(Newser) - A quick and simple new test can help monitor how fast multiple sclerosis is progressing in patients, researchers say. The eye scan measures the thickness of the retina, which has been linked to the progress of the nervous system disease, reports the BBC . The course of MS can be unpredictable... More »

Greek PM Bails on EU Summit After Eye Surgery

Antonis Samaras underwent 4-hour operation for detached retina

(Newser) - Greece's new prime minister will not be well enough to travel to a critical EU summit in Brussels after undergoing an eye operation, the government said today. Antonis Samaras, 61, underwent surgery for a detached retina for nearly four hours yesterday, just three days after being sworn in at... More »

Retinal Implant Restores Partial Vision to Blind

Microchip under retina senses light, sends signals to brain

(Newser) - Scientists in Germany have used an implant to restore at least partial eyesight to three patients with a disease that causes degenerative blindness, PhysOrg reports. The new device, called a sub-retinal implant, is a light-sensitive microchip with 1,500 light sensors inserted below the retina. Previous devices required an implant... More »

Eye Test Spots Alzheimer's

Dead nerve cells in the retina could signal dementia's onset

(Newser) - British scientists have developed an eye test they claim can identify the early stages of Alzheimer's. The researchers found that dead nerve cells in the retina correlate to damage in the brain to such a degree that tests for retinal damage could detect Alzheimer's. "Few people realize that the... More »

Docs Use Tooth to Help Return Woman's Sight

(Newser) - Doctors in Miami have used a woman’s tooth to help restore her vision, the Los Angeles Times reports. A disease that destroyed tissue in her left eye left Sharon Thornton unable to undergo a cornea transplant, so surgeons cut a canine tooth and bone out of her upper jaw... More »

6 Stories