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Simpsons Tweaks Fox News on Fox TV's Anniversary

25th anniversary has Simpsons creators add message to first episode

(Newser) - The Simpsons had happy birthday wishes for Fox last night—along with a little shot at Fox News—as part of Fox's 25th anniversary trip down memory lane, reports Mediaite . The channel re-aired the very first Simpsons episode, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," but at the... More »

Simpsons Will Be Back

Fox renews show for two more seasons after contract dispute

(Newser) - The Simpsons will live to a quarter-century: Fox TV announced yesterday it would renew the show for two more seasons after a louder-than-usual contract fight with the actors who provide the voices, reports Entertainment Weekly . That means Homer and crew will be around for a record 24th and 25th seasons.... More »

Arrested Development: It's Back!

10-episode mini-season will be followed by a film

(Newser) - Everyone's favorite con comedy has been sprung for a brand new season, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Arrested Development is coming back to TV as "mini-season" that will end with the long-rumored Arrested Development film—five years after the program was ended. "It's true," tweeted... More »

Cablevision Coaching Viewers to Watch Fox Online

Taped call records advice on watching games on illegal websites

(Newser) - Cablevision and Fox are still feuding , depriving 3.5 million people in the Big Apple of Fox channels 5 and 9 plus Fox Sports. The solution? Cablevision is coaching customers to cheat for content without a contract, reports the Daily News . A Fox employee recorded a conversation with a Cablevision... More »

Palin Writes Tax Figure on Hand to 'Avoid' Looking Stupid

'Liberals will say I don't know what I'm talkin' about'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is writing on her hand again, this time so she can remember a tax hike number while she skewers the Democrats on Fox TV. She lambasted President Obama's move to let the Bush administration's tax cuts for the rich expire at the end of the year, and claimed... More »

Family Guy Takes on Trig Palin

Female Down's syndrome character mentions Palin-like mom

(Newser) - Now that Family Guy has taken on Trig Palin, can a demand by his mom on Facebook that the program be yanked be far behind? The popular TV series waded into treacherous waters yesterday with an episode in which a bossy female character with Down's syndrome dating Chris Griffin mentions... More »

Dance 'Crotch Shot' Debunked

Contestant in purported peep show was wearing briefs

(Newser) - So You Think You Can Dance contestant No. 22036, who's widely believed to have flashed America Tuesday night, was wearing underwear, reports Lisa de Moraes. And it's easy to deduce what the Washington Post TV columnist thinks of the people who've been calling for smelling salts: "The extremely brief... More »

Fox Anchor Apologizes to Chickens Everywhere

Ernie Anastos sorry for laying on-air egg

(Newser) - The Fox anchor who stirred up a fricassé when he almost suggested a co-worker go pluck a chicken has apologized for his on-air bleep, reports AP. "I misspoke," said veteran New York broadcaster Ernie Anastos. "I apologize for my remarks to anyone who may have been offended.... More »

F&#% a Cluck: NY Fox Anchor Bleeps Big Time

Ernie Anastos has choice on-air suggestion for weatherman

(Newser) - A veteran New York Fox TV anchor is likely in for a peck of trouble after making an obscene suggestion on air about what the weather forecaster should do to a chicken. "It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast," Ernie Anastos quipped to weatherman Nick... More »

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