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Weather Reporter Given Sweater On Air to Cover Up

Liberte Chan complained about having to put on 'librarian' cardigan

(Newser) - Liberte Chan was excited about the outfit she chose for her Saturday weather report on KTLA. "Even if it's early in the AM, can't beat a black beaded dress," she tweeted shortly before she went on air at the Los Angeles TV station, showing off her... More »

Rebel Weather Reporter Sneaks in 12 Star Wars Puns

It's not a trap—she really does it, all in under 40 seconds

(Newser) - She didn't detail the climate patterns on Tatooine, but Sian Welby did the next best thing. The UK Channel 5 forecaster (or, for the purposes of this story, Channel 5 "Stormscooper") gave a quick weather update this week, and the Force was strong with this one, per... More »

Farmers' Almanac: It's Gonna Be Another Cold One

Venerable publication got it right last year

(Newser) - If "firewood, sweaters, and hot cocoa " are your thing, the Farmers' Almanac has good news for you: Based on its secret predicting formula involving the likes of sunspots and lunar cycles, the publication says the winter to come will be as bitterly cold as the last, with especially... More »

Weather Service Issues Coded Plea to Congress

'Please pay us,' says sneaky weather forecast

(Newser) - And the most imaginative plea yet to Congress to end this shutdown business goes to the National Weather Service in Anchorage. An official forecast yesterday contained pretty routine stuff, unless you happened to look at the first letter of every line, notes Techdirt . The coded message: "Please pay us.... More »

Bears Overrun Weather Report

Invaders interrupt broadcast at Pennsylvania TV station

(Newser) - In Scranton, Pennsylvania, earlier this week, the weather forecast was cloudy with plenty of bears. The city's WNEP-TV station does its weather broadcasts live from an outdoor area it calls "the backyard," and four black bears walked onto the set seconds before weatherman Kurt Aaron began a... More »

Weather Forecasts Come to Google Maps

Critics not impressed by 'weather layer'

(Newser) - Google Maps has got a treat for weather nerds: The service has added a "weather layer" showing weather conditions and cloud cover around the world, using data provided by the Weather Channel's and the US Naval Research Laboratory, reports PC World . "To add the weather... More »

Over-the-Top Weatherman Goes Viral

Jim Kosek's Baltimore forecast is closing in on 1 million views

(Newser) - Jim Kosek of doesn't like to give boring forecasts, so when he braced Baltimore for the first of its recent storms, he let it all hang out. The result has drawn nearly 900,000 views on YouTube. "This is Al Roker meets Sam Kinison," writes Eric... More »

Vancouver Hopes for White Olympics, Naturally or Not

Vancouver has already made 21 million gallons of snow, just in case

(Newser) - Continued warm weather in Vancouver, which will host the Winter Olympics in less than a month, has led to a massive snowmaking effort and a bit of anxiety. Cypress Mountain, one of four outdoor venues used in the Games, has been closed early to “protect the integrity of the... More »

Winter Likely 5-10% Colder for East Coast

Thank El Niño when those heating bills start rolling in

(Newser) - The Pacific warming effect of El Niño could mean an unusually cold winter for the US East Coast, with temperatures as much as 10% below normal. “Historically when you have that El Niño on the weak side, it tends to correlate to colder weather in eastern North... More »

Fox Anchor Apologizes to Chickens Everywhere

Ernie Anastos sorry for laying on-air egg

(Newser) - The Fox anchor who stirred up a fricassé when he almost suggested a co-worker go pluck a chicken has apologized for his on-air bleep, reports AP. "I misspoke," said veteran New York broadcaster Ernie Anastos. "I apologize for my remarks to anyone who may have been offended.... More »

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