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Tea Partiers Re-Embracing 'Teabagger' Label

There's a movement to reclaim the phrase

(Newser) - You, sir, are a teabagger. That could be an insult or a high compliment, depending on who wins the ongoing fight to claim ownership of the phrase. In short, it was good, then it was bad, and now it may be good again, explains The Week . In the beginning, Tea... More »

Palin: US 'Ready for Another Revolution'

Ex-veep candidate tells Tea Party Convention it's 'the future'

(Newser) - To chants of "run, Sarah, run," Sarah Palin told the Tea Party Convention last night that "America is ready for another revolution," and that the activists gathered to hear her speak would be the ones to carry it out. “This movement is the future of... More »

John McCain's Primary Race Gets Ugly ...

... Even though teabagger/radio host Hayworth may not run

(Newser) - The primary battle between John McCain and JD Hayworth is getting nasty, even though the two aren’t even technically opponents yet. Hayworth, a former congressman, conservative talk show host and noted tea partier, hasn’t yet filed to run against McCain, and says he still may decide against it,... More »

Clinton to Dems: 'The Worst Thing to Do Is Nothing'

And, former prez adds, tea-baggers mad 'because we are winning'

(Newser) - Bill Clinton pounded Democratic senators on health-care reform today, telling them that passing a bill this year is imperative. “Just pass the bill, even if it’s not exactly what you want,” Clinton said. “When you try and fail, the other guys write history. … The worst... More »

Bachmann Urges Uprising Against Health Reform

She calls for Americans 'by the carload' to descend on DC

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann wants Americans "by the carload" to come to Washington next week so she can lead them through the halls of Congress to oppose health care reform. "This is our liberty and tyranny moment," she told Sean Hannity on Fox yesterday. "This is about patriotism... More »

Teabaggers Turn on Graham

GOP senator pilloried for op-ed with John Kerry on dangers of climate change

(Newser) - Sen. Lindsey Graham drew the ire of teabaggers at a town hall yesterday for colluding with John Kerry on climate legislation. Angry protesters called the South Carolina Republican a “traitor” who made a “pact with the devil” by “going to bed” with the Massachusetts Dem in an... More »

Fox Ain't News, It's 'the Opposition Party'

Other media outlets need to highlight 'propaganda:' Boehlert

(Newser) - “Fox News has exited the journalism community this year,” Eric Boehlert writes. “It's a purely political player,” which would be all well and good if other media outlets would just report that. As it stands, Fox goes happily about its “propaganda” while hiding behind the... More »

Unhealthy? Then Shut Up About Health Reform: Maher

(Newser) - Fat? Out of shape? Otherwise unhealthy? Then shut your trap about health-care reform until you do something about your own well-being, comedian Bill Maher writes for the Huffington Post. “Unlike most liberals, I’m glad all those teabaggers marched on Washington last week,” he snickers. “Because judging... More »

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