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Egypt Politician Ousted Over Nose Job Fib

Hardline lawmaker told everyone he'd been brutally beaten

(Newser) - Egypt's ultraconservative Nour party kicked out lawmaker Anwar el-Balkimy today, after discovering that the bandages covering his face were not, as he had been claiming, the result of a vicious beating from armed gunmen, but rather of a nose job. It's Egypt's first scandal of the post-Mubarak... More »

Liberal Youth 'Decimated' in Egypt Vote: ElBaradei

Nobel Prize winner fears extremist control over country

(Newser) - The liberal youth behind Egypt’s protests were “decimated” in the elections , says reformist leader Mohamed ElBaradei, and now the country must work to avoid an extreme-right Islamist government. “The youth feel let down. They don't feel that any of the revolution's goals have been achieved,... More »

Muslim Brotherhood Says No to 'Islamist Government'

They won't team up with the Salafis' Al Nour party

(Newser) - Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood put the kibosh on speculation that its Freedom and Justice Party would team up with the ultraconservative Salafi movement’s Al Nour party to dominate Egypt’s new parliament. The Freedom and Justice party issued a statement yesterday denying an “alleged alliance” that would form... More »

Muslim-Christian Clashes in Egypt Kill 10, Injure 186

Two churches burned in poor Cairo neighborhood

(Newser) - More trouble for the post-Mubarak government: Nasty clashes broke out last night between Muslims and Christians in a poor Cairo neighborhood, leaving 10 people dead and 186 injured, reports the BBC . Two Christian churches were set afire in the melee. Egypt's prime minister called off a trip to the... More »

Germans Use Anti-Nazi Laws to Raid Muslims

Fundamentalists groups targeted in crackdown

(Newser) - German police raided homes and offices linked to two Islamic groups this week, using "anti-Nazi laws of association," reports the Christian Science Monitor . The groups raided are made up of fundamentalist Salafist Muslims, and a government official says they are suspected of wanting to "create an Islamic... More »

Terrorists Reportedly Coked Up, on Steroids

Explains why they didn't need sleep

(Newser) - The men who terrorized Mumbai did so with the help of cocaine, steroids, and even LSD, claims a report in the Telegraph. Police found syringes tainted with those drugs at the scene, according to an unnamed official, and later found the drugs in their blood.  “This explains why... More »

Bombers Hit Algerian Capital

(Newser) - Two bombs, including one targeting the prime minister's office, killed at least 23 people in Algiers today, in the latest in a round of suspected Al-Qaeda-affiliated terror attacks that have rocked North Africa in recent weeks, the New York Times reports. More »

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