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Righties Tie Obama to Muslim Brotherhood

'Stealth jihadists' in with Homeland Security bosses: pundit

(Newser) - As protests rage in Egypt, some fringe right-wingers are at the ready with an Obama link: they’re saying the president has secret ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, TPM reports. Among the assertions:
  • Pundit Frank Gaffney told Sean Hannity last night that “the Obama administration's policies are being viewed
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Conservative Group Drops Coulter Over Speech to Gays

She blasts 'swine' who made decision

(Newser) - The right-wing website World Net Daily has dumped Ann Coulter from an event next month because she's separately agreed to address a group of gay conservatives. WND editor Joseph Farah calls it a "matter of principle," reports the Huffington Post . Coulter fired back, telling the Daily Caller that... More »

How the Crazies Took Over

Birthers, Limbaugh, Beck fill vacuum as Obama tries to stay above the fray

(Newser) - As recently as this spring, the Tea Party movement seemed anemic and wonky. But in the months that followed, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and others whipped the right-wing fringe into such a frenzy that a “separate reality grew like a second head on the American polity,” Philip Weiss... More »

3 Stories