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Chronicler of WASP Life Louis Auchincloss Dies at 92

Lawyer-turned-novelist succumbs to stroke

(Newser) - Louis Auchincloss, who chronicled the life of powerful, white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants into which he was born, died yesterday of a stroke at age 92. The Yale-educated Auchincloss left a prominent conservative New York law firm to write, and is best known for the 1960s novels The Rector of Justin and... More »

How to Tell If You're a WASP

(Newser) - Being a WASP is a lot more than being just white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant. Author Tad Friend expounds at length on the criteria for true WASP-hood in his upcoming book Cheerful Money: Me, My Family, and the Last Days of WASP Splendor. Vogue offers the highlights:
  • Your refrigerator "contains
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2 Stories