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Want to Live Longer? Add Chili Peppers to Your Diet

The study analyzed more than 485K people

(Newser) - People who like a little heat in their meals just might be doing their longevity a favor. So report researchers this week in the British Medical Journal after studying the health, diets, and alcohol consumption of more than 485,000 people in China. Controlling for many variables, including family medical... More »

Peppers Might Get Spicier Thanks to Scientists

Researchers discover gene for capsaicin

(Newser) - Don't say science never did anything for you, spicy food lovers. Last week researchers published the full genome for the hot pepper (Capsicum annuum), a discovery that, according to LiveScience , could have a very practical application: even hotter peppers. The findings will "help breeders accelerate the research of... More »

Chili Peppers Could Help Heart Attack Victims

Capsaicin found to reduce cell damage in mice

(Newser) - Capsaicin, the chemical that makes chili peppers so spicy, could turn out to be the newest—and oddest—heart drug, the Wall Street Journal reports. Scientists applied the chemical to the abdominal skin of mice then induced heart attacks; their hearts suffered 85% less cell damage than the mice treated... More »

3 Stories