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Martian Storm Unlike Any Seen This Decade

It now encircles the whole Red Planet

(Newser) - The oldest operating rover on Mars will have to hunker down a bit longer. The dust storm whomping the Red Planet since May 30, which covered a quarter of its surface a week ago, now circles the entire sphere. NASA's solar-powered Opportunity rover powered down in Mars' Perseverance Valley... More »

Why NASA Is Closely Watching a Gargantuan Dust Storm

The Opportunity rover is stuck in it on Mars

(Newser) - To call the Martian dust storm gargantuan wouldn't be an overstatement: As of Tuesday, it covered a quarter of the planet, making it the size of North America and Russia combined, per Space.com . And the Opportunity rover is in the middle of it. That's of concern. The... More »

Dust Storm Chokes Phoenix

It messes up flights, causes thousands to lose power

(Newser) - Thousands of Phoenix residents lost power when a huge dust storm rolled in yesterday evening, reports NBC News . The storm arrived in time to mess up the rush-hour commute and also temporarily forced a halt to incoming flights at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, reports the Arizona Republic . A... More »

2nd Dust Bowl Headed for American West?

Dust storms on the rise, study finds

(Newser) - The American West might be in for another Dust Bowl as massive dust storms are on the rise, according to a study out of Aeolian Research . While the area is known for its often dusty visage—think all the Westerns you've ever seen—drought and high winds are causing... More »

Huge Dust Storm Rains Down Lightning

...as Australia battles wildfires, high winds, and a cyclone

(Newser) - Australia's heat-and-wildfire devastation produced one set of iconic photos yesterday; here's another. A tug boat worker snapped shots of a massive thunderstorm laden with red dust as it moved out toward the Indian Ocean, The West Australian reports. "We were steaming along in the boat just before... More »

Arizona Saving You From Dust Storms —With Haiku

Public safety campaign leans on poetry

(Newser) - Arizona transportation officials are getting the message out about dust storm safety—in precisely 17 syllables. The Arizona Department of Transportation is encouraging Twitter users to tweet haikus around the theme of safe driving in haboobs, the severe dust storms that hit Phoenix in the summer. An example, from Phoenix... More »

1 Killed in Arizona Dust Storm

Poor visibility leads to multi-car pile-up

(Newser) - Dust storms are once again rolling across Arizona, leading to a series of crashes that killed one person and shut down Interstate 10 for hours. Another six people are in critical condition following the three accidents yesterday, the Arizona Republic reports. One pile-up involved 16 vehicles, the BBC notes. "... More »

Dust Envelops Phoenix, Again

3rd big dust storm to hit region since July

(Newser) - Phoenix weathered a massive dust storm last night prompted by a string of thunderstorms. Thick trees were blown down as winds hit 60mph in some areas, the Arizona Republic reports. With power lines down, thousands lost electricity. Car windows were shattered and plane takeoffs and landings were halted for about... More »

Dust Cloud Swallows Phoenix

Was as tall as 2 miles high at times

(Newser) - It's a scene movie directors would pay millions to create: a 10,000-foot-tall dust cloud advancing over a city, swallowing it whole. That was the reality in Phoenix last night, as a massive dust storm swept over the city like a wave, reports the AP . Radar data showed that... More »

Red Dust Blankets Sydney

Air quality 'dangerous' as limited visibility forces incoming flights to be diverted

(Newser) - Red dust blowing in from the Australian Outback covered Sydney today, snarling air travel and forcing locals to don masks to venture outdoors. “It’s like a nuclear winter morning,” one visitor told Bloomberg; the state government called air quality “hazardous.” Visibility was under 50 feet... More »

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