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Microsoft Cans Tablet Project

Courier has been shelved

(Newser) - Microsoft's "iPad killer" tablet computer has been killed. The two-screen Courier device created a buzz when images of a prototype were leaked last year, but Microsoft execs say the project has now been shelved. The strong launch of the iPad may have convinced Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer to rethink... More »

Microsoft's Courier Tablet Is 'Astonishing'

Combines touch-screen and stylus, 'opposite' of Apple's coming entry

(Newser) - Microsoft’s foray into tablet computers looks to be “astonishing,” Gizmodo blogger The Paperboy raves after getting a look at leaked photo of the Courier, which has two screens and opens like a book. It has touch-screen and stylus capabilities, and is in the “late prototype” stage,... More »

2 Stories