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A Stylus? Why Apple Is Defying Steve Jobs

Technology has come a long way since his criticism, points out one blogger

(Newser) - One of the Apple announcements getting a lot of attention is the company's $99 stylus—called the Apple Pencil—for the iPad Pro. As Apple watchers were quick to point out, Steve Jobs himself hated the idea. "Who wants a stylus?" he asked in 2007. "You have... More »

Microsoft's Courier Tablet Is 'Astonishing'

Combines touch-screen and stylus, 'opposite' of Apple's coming entry

(Newser) - Microsoft’s foray into tablet computers looks to be “astonishing,” Gizmodo blogger The Paperboy raves after getting a look at leaked photo of the Courier, which has two screens and opens like a book. It has touch-screen and stylus capabilities, and is in the “late prototype” stage,... More »

2 Stories