Gang of 6

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'Gang of Six:' $3 in Cuts for Every $1 Raised

There's something for everyone to hate

(Newser) - The budget plan the bipartisan Gang of Six ultimately devises will include $3 of spending cuts for every dollar it raises in additional tax revenues, Mark Warner tells Bloomberg , promising cuts in health care, defense, agriculture, and other domestic programs, along with changes to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. The... More »

Senate's ‘Gang of Six’ Tackles Deficit Head-On

Plan would require core compromises by Democrats and Republicans

(Newser) - The soaring national debt is making strange bedfellows in the Senate: A bipartisan "Gang of Six" has been secretly working for months, and now appears as the leading hope in negotiations, with both sides willing to sacrifice their sacred cows. For Democrats, that means deep cuts to Medicare and... More »

Why the Public Option's Still Alive

Polls, time, and activism keep popular concept on the table

(Newser) - Reports of the public option’s demise look to have been exaggerated. Nate Silver breaks down what revived it at
  •  “The tireless, and occasionally tiresome,” advocacy from liberal bloggers and interest groups.
  • The CBO thinks it will save money.
  • The shift of focus from the
... More »

Baucus Leaning Left Again

As interminable mark-up on health bill continues, chair moves on from bipartisan dream

(Newser) - With his health care reform bill finally in committee, finance chair Max Baucus appears to have given up on a truly bipartisan bill. On day one yesterday, "he seemed to be moving back to the left again," writes Mike Madden in Salon. He agreed to a host of... More »

4 Stories