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Cops: Manhunt Suspect Who Sent Manifesto to Trump Found

Joseph Jakubowski is now in custody in Wisconsin

(Newser) - The Wisconsin fugitive who authorities say sent a long-winded, anti-government manifesto to President Trump has been captured, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. The announcement that Joseph Jakubowski is now in police custody first came via a tweet Friday morning from the Beloit Police Department that read, "CAPTURED! Awesome work... More »

Obama Assassination Plot: Relative Went to Police

Death of Isaac Aguigui's wife raised her suspicions

(Newser) - More details are trickling out about Isaac Aguigui, the purported leader of a group allegedly planning to overthrow the government and assassinate the president: In September of last year, a female relative of his told police she had concerns about the soldier. Specifically, that his wife had died that July... More »

No. of Hate Groups in US: 1,018

It's a number that's rapidly growing: report

(Newser) - The number of hate groups in the US has been on the rise for more than a decade, and last year 1,018 were active, according to a new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center. That's up from 602 in 2000, the New York Times notes. The report... More »

New Threat to Cops: 'Sovereign Citizens'

FBI warns that anti-government crusaders can easily turn violent

(Newser) - Anti-government crusaders have apparently become dangerous enough that the FBI issued an official warning about them yesterday. These extremists sometimes call themselves "sovereign citizens," and they may refuse to pay taxes, defy government regulations, or argue fervently for a return to the gold standard . They also pose a... More »

The Danger of Ron Paul

Candidate's anti-government sentiment could have a long wick: Lemann

(Newser) - The popularity of Ron Paul's anti-government zeal should give Democrats and Republicans alike a reason to pause, Nicholas Lemann writes in the New Yorker . First, consider how radical a Paul presidency would be: IRS and income tax abolished; no foreign wars; no foreign aid; five federal departments gone ... and... More »

GOP's Government Haters Happy to Work for It

Candidates, like voters, often two-faced on government: Gregg Easterbrook

(Newser) - For a group of people who loudly denounce government, most of the GOP presidential contenders sure have spent a lot of time working for it—as politicians, as an attorney for the IRS, as an Air Force serviceman, and in other ways, observes Gregg Easterbrook at Reuters . People who have... More »

Militia Member Killed His Cat to Prove His Mettle

Hutaree defendants plead not guilty

(Newser) - Eight of the nine Hutaree militia members accused of plotting against the government pleaded not guilty in a Detroit court today as prosecutors shed new details on the group. Among the nuggets: One of the nine, Kristopher Sickles, killed his cat to "see if he had it in him... More »

Anti-Government Anger Backfires in Texas Census

Response rates dismal from key conservative districts

(Newser) - Anti-government sentiment could be dampening the census response in Texas, which has been counting on picking up four congressional seats and millions of dollars in federal funding. Across the state, the response rate stands at 27%, well below the national average of 34%. In some Republican districts, the rate is... More »

86% Say America Is Broken

But most still believe it can be fixed

(Newser) - A whopping 86% of Americans believe that their government is broken—an 8-point increase from 2006, according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey. But among that group, 81% say it can be fixed, while 5% say it’s beyond repair. The increase came mostly from higher-income earners and people in... More »

Fringe Groups Hail Austin Suicide Pilot as Hero

Internet lights up with support for terrorist's anti-government stance

(Newser) - Not long after Joe Stack flew his plane into an Austin office building yesterday, the Internet began buzzing with newfound fans calling him a hero, inspired by the anti-government rant he left behind. “Finally, an American man took a stand against our tyrannical government,” posted the founder of... More »

Trouble With Authority Marks Area of Census Taker's Murder

But Ky. hanging NOT on Glenn Beck: blogger

(Newser) - The area of Kentucky where a US Census worker was found Sept. 12 hanged and with “fed” scrawled across his chest “has a difficult relationship with government,” a supposedly knowledgeable local blogs for the Boar’s Head Tavern. “I’m not surprised some unstable person hit... More »

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