Fahrenheit 451

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Dad Has Perfect Burn for Book Club Permission Slip

Son needed OK to read 'Fahrenheit 451,' about book censorship

(Newser) - Rain on your wedding day? Not really ironic . Not being allowed to read a dystopian novel about book censorship without getting the green light from your parents? Maybe a little ironic. That's the situation Milo Radosh found himself in when he had to get a permission slip signed so... More »

RIP, Ray Bradbury

He elevated science fiction into the mainstream

(Newser) - A sampling of the salutes being directed toward Ray Bradbury, who has died at age 91:
  • Gerald Jonas, New York Times : "By many estimations Mr. Bradbury was the writer most responsible for bringing modern science fiction into the literary mainstream."
  • Lynell George, Los Angeles Times : "Bradbury was
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Ray Bradbury Dead at 91

Author wrote seminal sci-fi works like Fahrenheit 451 , and The Martian Chronicles

(Newser) - Renowned sci-fi author Ray Bradbury has died in Los Angeles at age 91, i09 is reporting, with confirmation from his family and biographer. The report does not indicate the cause of death. "If I had to make any statement, it would be how much I love and miss him,... More »

Sci-Fi Legend Ray Bradbury Weighs In on Mel Gibson

'The Russian girl' distracts filmmaker, author says

(Newser) - Mel Gibson's travails are taking a toll on ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, their baby daughter, the actor/filmmaker's reputation—and legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury. You see, Gibson holds the rights to the remake of Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451, Movie City Indie explains. "There's no news," Bradbury, 89, said... More »

Most Hypocritical Book Bannings

(Newser) - Banning a book is a move laden with ironies that can make the banner seem dull-witted in the long run. For National Banned Books Week, 11Points.com lists "the most hypocritical, ignorant, and, based on the content of the books, ironic" bans:
  • Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury: The sci-fi
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