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'I Carried My Own Child. I Didn't Know He Was Mine'

California's Jessica Allen speaks about rare case of superfetation

(Newser) - "I carried my own child. I didn't know he was mine." That's what a California woman is saying after she became pregnant with her own son while serving as a surrogate for a Chinese couple. After connecting with the couple through a surrogacy agency in California,... More »

1 Womb, 2 Fetuses, 2 Weeks Apart: Here's How

'Superfetation' is really, really rare, docs are clueless, but babies should be fine

(Newser) - Forget that 19-pound Indonesian baby. The real miracle pregnancy is Arkansas born and bred: Julia Grovenburg, who this month managed to get pregnant not once, but twice. That’s right: two conceptions, one two weeks after the other, to be enjoyed—cherished, endured, served—concomitantly. There are only 10 recorded... More »

2 Stories