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5 Steps to Fix Work-Life Balance

US policy far behind other countries'

(Newser) - Following much-discussed articles like Anne-Marie Slaughter's Atlantic piece, the question of work-life balance—particularly for women—is again in the spotlight, and that's a very good thing, writes Sarah Seltzer at Salon . The fact is, the US is embarrassingly behind on the issue. But a few policy changes... More »

Europe Court: Sick Workers Can Retake Vacations

It shouldn't count as sick leave, says panel

(Newser) - Unemployment may be on the rise in Spain and throughout Europe, but those lucky enough to have jobs can enjoy this ruling: Workers who get sick on vacation are entitled to take a new vacation, reports the New York Times . The EU court ruled in favor of Spanish department store... More »

Wisconsin to Teachers: We'll Verify All 'Doctor's Notes'

School, Medical Society to examine claims

(Newser) - Teachers won’t get away with playing hooky to protest Wisconsin’s anti-union bill, school officials in Madison and Milwaukee said today, explaining that all "doctor's notes" must hold up to scrutiny. A conservative think tank caught doctors on tape passing out excuse notes to protesters this weekend, sparking... More »

Swine Flu Highlights Debate Over Paid Sick Leave

Half of US doesn't get sick pay; businesses defend policy

(Newser) - The second coming of swine flu has reignited the debate over paid sick leave. “You have all of our top officials saying, ‘Do the responsible thing. If you're sick, stay home,’” an advocate tells CNNMoney. “And at the same time, we have a country where... More »

4 Stories