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No-Confidence Vote Looms For Wolfowitz

Endgame near as majority of bank board favors dismissal

(Newser) - The World Bank executive board plans to force Paul Wolfowitz out of his post as president this week, reports The Washington Post; they're hoping a vote of no-confidence will induce him to resign without having to risk angering the U.S. by firing him. More »

Wolfowitz Hires Clinton Lawyer

Bennett comes to neocon's aid as former World Bank staff call for resignation

(Newser) - Paul Wolfowitz has hired Robert Bennett, Bill Clinton's counsel during the Paula Jones affair, to guide the besieged World Bank president through his own budding scandal. Bennett immediately dismissed talk of Wolfie's resignation, even after dozens of former staffers placed an ad in the Financial Times calling on him to... More »

Hitchens: Lay Off Wolfie!

(Newser) - Unflappable contrarian Chris Hitchens casts a sympathetic eye at beset World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz. Cries for Wolfowitz's resignation have crescendoed since revelations that he had a hand in getting his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, a big promotion at the poverty-fighting organization last year. More »

Neocon No Sharper in Love Than War

Dowd on Wolfowitz: Where's the apology for Iraq?

(Newser) - The spectacle of Paul Wolfowitz clinging to his post at the World Bank after using it to promote his girlfriend is catnip to Maureen Dowd, an arch critic of the neocon cabal that cooked up the war in Iraq: "You will not be surprised to learn, gentle readers, that... More »

4 Stories