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Celeb Chef to US Media: I Have a Round Tummy, Deal With It

Nigella Lawson is fully on board the 'stop Photoshopping celebrities' bandwagon

(Newser) - Everyone wants to look their best when their photo is taken or they're seen on TV, but not everyone is thrilled "to be airbrushed thinner." At least not British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, who Sky News reports has taken issue with anyone trying to Photoshop how she... More »

CVS Is Going to Stop Airbrushing Beauty Ads

Unrealistic images are linked to negative health effects, company says

(Newser) - CVS, which gave up tobacco in 2014 , says it wants to get rid of another unhealthy thing in its stores by 2020: unrealistic images of women. The nation's largest drugstore chain says it is phasing out the use of airbrushed images of models in advertising for its beauty products... More »

Now Magazines Airbrush Models Bigger

And some say it's just as controversial as the opposite

(Newser) - Not long ago, all the controversy surrounding magazine airbrushing seemed to focus on models and actresses being made to appear way too thin (to the point that some actually lost limbs ), but not so anymore. These days, magazines are increasingly Photoshopping models to appear heavier, because that's what... More »

No More Airbrushing, Seventeen Vows

Teen mag vows not to change model shapes, feature diversity

(Newser) - In the great fashion wars, Seventeen magazine is declaring peace: a "body peace treaty," that is. The venerable teen magazine has long had a policy against changing models' faces and body shapes. But now, thanks to greater awareness of body image problems and an 85,000-strong online petition... More »

Arizona Bill Would Expose Airbrushed Ads

Photoshopped models would require disclaimer

(Newser) - If you're going to airbrush a woman in an ad, you must include a disclaimer exposing the wrinkle-hiding, curve-thinning lie—at least if an Arizona lawmaker gets her way. The proposed bill seeks to make it illegal in the state for advertisers to enhance a photograph without attaching a... More »

New Tool Reveals, Ranks Photoshopping

Labels digitally altered images from 1 to 5

(Newser) - Highly altered images of models and celebrities in fashion magazines have come under increasing scrutiny, with France even proposing that all airbrushed pictures come packaged with a health warning . A new tool could make that easier, as it analyzes photographs to detect digital retouching, Wired reports. Publishers have “gone... More »

Magazine Admits 'Slimming Down' Kate

It was an accident, claims Grazia

(Newser) - If even Kate gets airbrushed, there's little hope for any of us. The mesmerizing Duchess of Cambridge apparently wasn't svelte enough for a magazine that digitally shaved several inches off Kate Middleton's frame in a wedding day photo for its cover. Grazia fashion mag showed off an... More »

UK Bans 'Too Perfect' Julia Roberts L'Oreal Ad

Over-airbrushed Roberts—and Turlington—ads yanked

(Newser) - Julia Roberts looks like she hasn't aged a day in her new makeup ad. Now British advertising authorities have told L'Oreal it went too far touching up Roberts'—and Christy Turlington's—face. The cosmetics firm was ordered to pull two overly airbushed magazine ads featuring the... More »

Lovers Get Royal Airbrush Treatment

Perfectly unreal

(Newser) - Off with their pimples! Even the delicious Kate Middleton and her handsome prince aren't comely enough to escape airbrushing. The couple's official engagement portraits were digitally touched up by photographer Mario Testino before they were released by St. James’s Palace, reports the Telegraph . But it was only "minimal,... More »

Pelosi Takes a Ribbing for 'Airy' Photo

Is that Nancy? Rightie paper pokes fun at magazine image

(Newser) - The rightie Washington Examiner did a double-take over the new issue of DC magazine Capitol File. It features "cover girl Nancy Pelosi looking particularly young." And "if Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears get flak for airbrushing their photos, why not the speaker of the House?" Their gossip... More »

Fitness Mags' Bikini Bods Promote Eating Disorders

Shame on Shape for putting recovered bulimic Katharine McPhee on cover

(Newser) - No single thing causes eating disorders, but fitness magazines and their hard-bodied celeb cover models aren't helping, writes Katie Drummond. "Like heroin for the eating disordered, they offer misleading diet information, along with airbrushed photos of impossible physical ideals," she writes for True/Slant . One in particular has sunk... More »

Even Babies Are Airbrushed

Babies subject to the tyranny of Photoshop, too

(Newser) - Even babies can't meet the media-industrial complex's exacting standards: Baby photos are airbrushed before making their way to magazines, to tweak skin tone, swap eye color, and airbrush fat lines and creases, reports the Daily Telegraph . While many are riled, to some, this is not news: "You kind of... More »

For That Photoshopped Look: Airbrush Yourself at Home

Effect of digital retouching on real women's body issues is now creepily tangible

(Newser) - As if the fake beauty of those Photoshopped magazine covers wasn’t enough, enter Temptu, a home “airbrush system” that can give anyone that flat, plastic look in the flesh. Chloe Angyal is appalled. One really needs to focus in order “to think about just how incredibly screwed... More »

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