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These Predictions for 2010 Were Way Off

They said iPads wouldn't make it, but Google Wave would

(Newser) - The media gave us plenty of predictions for 2010, and plenty of them simply didn’t come true. AOL News lists some of the most glaring:
  • Job growth will begin again. Newsweek predicted it unemployment would fall “below 9%,” but it was never less than 9.5%.
  • Republicans
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Google Pulls Plug on Wave

Too few users caught communication platform

(Newser) - Google is pulling the plug on its ambitious "Wave" communication project just over a year after its launch. The tool—which combined email, instant messaging, and social networking features to help users work together—was launched in beta mode last year with much fanfare. Invitations were selling for up... More »

Google Wave Too Bloated, Complicated

And its much-touted live-typing turns out to be a nightmare

(Newser) - Google Wave, the long-awaited chat/email/collaboration doohickey, is ambitious and sturdy, and packed with bells and whistles… and Twitter kicks its butt. See, Twitter’s main feature is simplicity, writes Farhad Manjoo on Slate, but Wave asks the world of users. It tries to replace email with “an entirely alien... More »

Google Gives Select Few a Taste of Wave

New communication tool isn't 'ready for primetime' yet

(Newser) - A hundred thousand lucky beta testers today got their hands on the much-hyped “Google Wave,” a communication app that Google’s calling “what email would look like if it were designed today.” Wave operates a little like a cross between email, instant messaging, and collaborative wikis,... More »

4 Stories