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Japan Finally Bans Child Porn Possession

But law won't cover anime, manga depictions of abuse

(Newser) - After many years as the only major industrialized country where the possession of child pornography was still legal, Japan has finally taken steps to ban it. The upper house of the country's parliament has passed a bill that will punish people found with explicit images of children with up... More »

Finally, You Can Get a PhD in Manga

Kyoto Seika University launches doctoral program in manga studies

(Newser) - To earn this PhD, you need to hit the books—specifically, Japanese comic books. Japan's Kyoto Seika University will launch the country's first doctoral program in manga studies next year, it announced today. The private university is well known for its manga and anime programs, and established a... More »

Astro Boy: Lots of Flash, But No Soul

Remake of vintage Japanese series fails to impress

(Newser) - Astro Boy, David Bowers’ reboot of Osamu Tezuka’s classic Japanese manga and animé series, is an action-packed movie that tries to appeal to both kids and adults. Critics, however, were more impressed with the machine guns in the main character’s butt than with the film as a whole:... More »

Manga Mein Kampf Sweeps Japan

Comic adaptation brings Hitler's manifesto to Japanese audience

(Newser) - A cartoon version of Hitler's Nazi manifesto and early autobiography has been a hit in Japan since its launch late last year. The manga-style Mein Kampf is the biggest seller in the publisher's "learn with manga" series of adaptations of historical classics and political tracts. It has sold 45,... More »

4 Stories