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Florida AG: Lesbians Can't Get Divorced

She blocks move to dissolve civil union

(Newser) - Florida's attorney general isn't going to allow same-sex divorce any sooner than she allows same-sex marriage. In a ruling this week, Pam Bondi opposed granting a divorce petition because doing so would have required recognizing the same-sex civil union and declaring the state's marriage laws unconstitutional, reports... More »

Gay Marriage Is Joyous, but Gay Divorce Is ... Tricky

Couples who split can run into huge legal hassles

(Newser) - Gay marriage continues to make huge strides in the nation, as is clear across New York state today . Now if only gay divorce could catch up. As NPR explains, same-sex couples who split often run into a world of legal hassles unknown to their hetero counterparts. The problem usually involves... More »

Gay Divorce OK, Texas Judge Rules

Ban on same-sex marriage violates equal-protection law

(Newser) - Though same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Texas, two men married in Massachusetts can get a divorce there, a judge said today in a ruling that finds the state’s ban in violation of federal equal-protection laws. “This is huge news. We’re ecstatic,” the lawyer representing one... More »

3 Stories