1st Amendment

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Good News, NH: You Can Take Ballot Selfies Again

Federal court says ban infringes on 1st Amendment rights to 'core political speech'

(Newser) - If you live in New Hampshire and want to take a picture of your Election Day ballot to post on Facebook so your friends can argue over your judgment, that's your call. So says a federal appeals court that overturned a ban on ballot selfies, ruling that the 2014... More »

Arizona Bill Would Restrict Teachers' Speech

Proposed legislation would punish those who violate FCC standards

(Newser) - Arizona doesn't want its teachers cussing in class—and new proposed legislation would actually make it illegal to do so. GOP state lawmakers are behind Senate Bill 1467, which would require public school teachers to adhere to the FCC's TV and radio standards. That means certain limits on... More »

Occupy Los Angeles Protesters Can Avoid Trials...

...by taking a $355 class on free speech

(Newser) - To avoid court trials, all many arrested members of Occupy Los Angeles have to do is pay $355 … for a course on free speech. Protesters who opt to take this route will apparently learn that "the First Amendment is not absolute," as a city attorney explains, adding... More »

US Muslim Students Guilty in Free-Speech Case

10 at UC Irvine convicted of disrupting Israeli ambassador's talk

(Newser) - Ten Muslim students at UC Irvine have been convicted of misdemeanor counts of disrupting a speech on campus by the Israeli ambassador to the US, reports the Los Angeles Times . They will get probation and community service in the case, which featured freedom-of-speech arguments by both prosecutors and the defense.... More »

Animal Cruelty Case Hits Supreme Court

Landmark case to decide 1st Amendment as it applies to cruelty

(Newser) - Animal cruelty takes the floor of the Supreme Court tomorrow, as the justices consider whether to overturn an appeals court judgment that allows the depiction of animal cruelty under the auspices of the First Amendment. The lower court wasn’t keen on animal cruelty, but found that our furry friends—... More »

5 Stories