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'Rogue' Phone Spying Devices Detected in Washington

Homeland Security isn't sure who's operating them

(Newser) - For the first time, the US government has publicly acknowledged the existence in Washington of what appear to be rogue devices that foreign spies and criminals could be using to track individual cellphones and intercept calls and messages. The use of what are known as cell-site simulators by foreign powers... More »

China Used Top Gun Move in 'Unprofessional' Intercept

Taunt against US pilot?

(Newser) - A bit more info on what the US Air Force has called an "unprofessional" interception of an American "nuclear sniffer" aircraft by two Chinese fighter jets. A US official tells CNN that China's two Su-30 planes that approached a US WC-135 Constant Phoenix plane Wednesday over the... More »

Favre Carves Up Ex-Mates as Vikings Top Packers

QB tosses 3 TDs in Minnesota's 30-23 victory

(Newser) - Facing the team he spent most of his career with, Brett Favre turned back the clock tonight, throwing for three touchdowns as his host Minnesota Vikings held off Green Bay, 30-23. The 39-year-old quarterback spent 16 seasons with the Packers, which had been the only NFL team he'd never defeated.... More »

3 Stories