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Emergency Alerts Coming to Your Phone

FCC to bring emergency broadcast network to your pocket

(Newser) - The FCC will announce a new plan today for a system that will send warnings of impending emergencies to people’s cell phones. Dubbed the Personal Localized Alerting Network (PLAN, get it?), the system will be able to send geographically targeted messages to people who are in the paths of... More »

NRA Targets Post-Katrina Gun Seizures

13 states pass laws barring cops from confiscating firearms in emergencies

(Newser) - After New Orleans cops confiscated guns in the wake of Katrina, 13 states have barred officials from seizing firearms in emergencies. NRA types were livid over the post-hurricane gun grab, which they vowed would not be repeated. “You don't go and abuse good citizens because of a concern for... More »

2 Stories