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5 Celebrity Restaurants That Failed

J.Lo's foray into food wasn't as successful as her acting and music career

(Newser) - There are few industries as volatile as the restaurant biz, but that doesn't seem to stop celebrities from plunking down the money needed to open up a restaurant. Below is just a small sampling of celebs whose eateries went belly up:
  1. Steven Spielberg's Dive!: What could go wrong
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6 'Dumb' Stars Who Are Actually Really Smart

You should actually listen to Dr. Oz, it turns out

(Newser) - If you've ever assumed Dr. Oz is just like Dr. Phil, or that Jerry Springer and Flavor Flav are both kind of a joke, take a look at this Cracked list revealing secret celebrity smartypants:
  • Dr. Oz: Considering he's best known for peddling health tips on daytime talk
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Flavor Flav Busted for Assault

Rapper allegedly attacked someone in his home

(Newser) - Rapper and reality star Flavor Flav was arrested this morning for alleged assault with a deadly weapon in his Las Vegas home. The former Public Enemy member—real name William Drayton Jr.—reportedly started arguing with his fiancée and a teenager in his house, and ended up allegedly... More »

Public Enemy Hooks Up With 'Crowdfunding' Site

Hip-hop innovators will raise $250K through Dutch site Sellaband

(Newser) - Hip-hoppers Public Enemy, one of the first groups to release on mp3, is entering the brave new world of crowdfunding. The group has partnered with Dutch site SellABand to raise the $250,000 necessary to record a new album entirely through $25 donations from fans. The payout? Donors—or “... More »

4 Stories