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NJ Legislature OKs Medical Marijuana

Bill heads to outgoing Gov. Corzine, who's promised to sign

(Newser) - The state legislature today approved a bill that would make New Jersey the 14th state to allow chronically ill patients access to marijuana for medical reasons. Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine supports the legislation and could sign it before leaving office next week, making it law. The bill allows patients with... More »

Gay Marriage Bill Dies in NJ Senate

Measure defeated 20-14; incoming governor promised veto

(Newser) - New Jersey's state senate today defeated a bill to legalize gay marriage, leaving it unlikely the state will have a gay marriage law in the very near future. The bill needed 21 votes to pass, but was defeated 20-14. Gay-rights advocates had pushed hard to get the bill passed before... More »

Republicans Slam Obama in State Races

GOPers 'nationalizing' gubernatorial contests to up conservative cred

(Newser) - Republican gubernatorial candidates are falling over themselves to attack President Obama, eager to turn their local elections into national referendums, Politico reports. Would-be Georgia governor John Oxendine, for example, has started a website called “,” which focuses on Obama’s health reform efforts, while Michigan gubernatorial hopeful... More »

Voters Now a Rampaging Herd

Get ready for a permanent tea party as voters seek leaders

(Newser) - In the GOP upsets in Virginia and New Jersey, Daniel Henninger doesn't just see Obama backlash, he sees a voter rebellion from both parties, with independent Americans behaving like stampeding cattle. That independents would within one year swing from Obama enthusiasts to backing decent-to-weak Republicans in Virginia and New Jersey... More »

Votes Weren't About Obama

Prez shouldn't lose sleep over defeated lackluster Dems

(Newser) - if the votes in New Jersey and Virginia were a referendum on President Obama, then Ohio's vote for casinos must have been a referendum on health care reform and Cincinatti's public transit vote a rejection of cash-for-clunkers, smirks Gail Collins. Nearly all of Tuesday's results are being portrayed as blows... More »

Economic Fury Is the New Culture War

Deficits were the rallying cry for yesterday's winners

(Newser) - "Conservatives have supposedly gotten their groove back," Peter Beinart writes about the results of yesterday's state races, "but it's not the same old groove." The candidates who won—or almost won—downplayed social issues and focused on the economy, which Beinart calls the “new culture... More »

Blame Weak Candidates, Not Obama

Polling guru gives a post-mortem on last night's elections

(Newser) - The numbers are in, now it's time to make sense of them. Nate Silver breaks down last night's election results:
  • Don’t blame Obama; Creigh Deeds and Jon Corzine were probably just weak candidates. In New Jersey, 57% of voters approved of Obama, but 27% of those supporters voted Republican
... More »

Sorry, Dems, 2008 Is So Last Year

Winning coalition doesn't reemerge in gubernatorial races

(Newser) - Last night’s gubernatorial defeats proved to Democrats that whatever magic they harnessed last November has left the building. Off-year elections aren’t usually great predictors, but with the Democrats’ winning 2008 coalition essentially absent, the warning signs are clear, writes Dan Balz in the Washington Post. Most notably, Democrats... More »

GOP 2nd Wind Doesn't Mean Smooth Sailing

Party back from last year's beating but upheaval still likely

(Newser) - The victories in Virginia and New Jersey look set to revitalize the Republican Party ahead of next year's elections, writes Adam Nagourney. The party now has the chance to re-energize its base and prepare for a proper comeback from last year's defeat, although the Democratic win in New York's 23rd... More »

Christie Takes NJ for GOP

First Republican to win a statewide race in a decade

(Newser) - Chris Christie scored the second big victory for the Republicans today, taking the governorship of New Jersey from incumbent Jon Corzine. Christie, 47, had 50% of the vote to Corzine’s 44% with nearly three-quarters of precincts reporting. He’s the first Republican to win a statewide race in more... More »

Obama Is Minimal Factor in NJ, Va., Exit Polls Show

Majorities say president has no influence on vote

(Newser) - President Obama seems to have been a minimal factor in gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, at least according to early exit polls. In Virginia, where Republican Bob McDonnell won, 55% said Obama wasn’t behind their vote; that figure was 60% in New Jersey, where the race was... More »

5 Things to Watch in NJ

Turnout is pivotal in race between Corzine, Christie

(Newser) - It remains a tight race for governor in New Jersey between Democrat Jon Corzine and Republican Chris Christie. Jonathan Martin of Politico offers five things to watch:
  • Turnout: If it's below 48% or so, that means trouble for Corzine. It's a sign he hasn't mobilized the Democratic base, particularly minorities,
... More »

NJ Gov Hopeful Runs Afoul of Monty Python

Troupe threatens to sue Republican over pirated video footage

(Newser) - Republican Chris Christie holds a razor-thin lead over incumbent Jon Corzine in the New Jersey governor's race, and now he has five more potential opponents—the members of Monty Python, who are considering suing the former US Attorney for violating their copyright. An online ad the campaign swiftly yanked from... More »

Christie to Corzine: 'Man Up and Say I’m Fat'

GOP candidate predicts he'll be a 'big fat winner'

(Newser) - Chris Christie slammed Jon Corzine’s for hinting at his weight in campaign ads and comments, saying the incumbent governor should “man up” and call him fat directly. Corzine has run ads showing Christie’s belly in slow-mo, and, when asked whether he thought his opponent was fat earlier... More »

Reid to 'Vaporize' GOP Challengers: Aide

Senate majority leader studying Corzine for cues to effective negative campaign

(Newser) - Harry Reid, his re-election campaign wilting in the polls, is getting ready to rumble: The Senate majority leader is promising an intensely negative campaign against the 2010 GOP challenger for his Senate seat. With his $8.7 million war chest—the largest ever for a Nevada statewide race—Reid will... More »

Christie's NJ Lead Shrinks After Corzine's Weight Ads

He's now up by only 1 point in the latest polls

(Newser) - Gov. Jon Corzine's strategy of running an ad that calls attention to challenger Chris Christie’s girth may be paying off: 19% of New Jersey voters said Christie’s weight made them less likely to vote for him, while 11% said it was a “legitimate campaign issue,” a... More »

GOP Gov Candidates Shun Palin as Polarizing

She's too much herself to do anything but harm in NJ, Virginia

(Newser) - Tough-fought GOP gubernatorial campaigns in New Jersey and Virginia have politely declined Sarah Palin’s offer of help. The political calculus is simple in New Jersey, where President Obama won by 15 points last November. The campaign is “not about the 2012 presidential race,” a Chris Christie adviser... More »

NJ Gov's Ads Target Opponent's Waistline

Corzine spot says Christie 'threw his weight around'

(Newser) - Jon Corzine, the New Jersey governor locked in an ugly race for reelection, is calling his opponent a big fat liar—with the emphasis on "fat." A new attack ad shows hefty Republican challenger Chris Christie in super-slow motion, his flesh jiggling in multiple directions, while an announcer... More »

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