Coke Zero

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Enjoy Your Coke Zero While You Can, America

Coca-Cola is replacing Coke Zero with new-ish Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

(Newser) - Don't call it "New Coke Zero." USA Today reports Coca-Cola will begin phasing out Coke Zero in the US next month, replacing it with the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. But the new soda isn't actually all that new. Coca-Cola states it experimented with the recipe for... More »

New Facebook App Finds Your Long-Lost Twin

Coke is to Coke Zero as you are to this friend, app promises

(Newser) - A Facebook app that promises to match you with the person in its network who looks most like you "is fun enough that it just might work," Christina Warren writes for Mashable. The app scans photos of you and photos of others who’ve signed up, and…voila!... More »

2 Stories